Monday, January 22, 2018

We Discuss: Old Lady Town aka Birkenstocks

Part One: 

A: I got my shearling Birks and I'm conflicted.

M: What’s wrong with them?

A: They are super cozy I'm just not sure they are for me. The color isn't really my thing:

M: Hm yeah I don’t love the color

A: I wonder if my money would be better spent buying the leather Boston clog?

A: These are $20 less:

M: Yeah

A: I wear socks around the house anyway?

M: I obviously prefer the shearling because I don’t

A: Right

A: I just wonder if the plain black clog makes more sense for me

M: Maybe so!

M: I’m addicted to the furrrrrr

A: Shiny or oiled leather?

M: Oiled leather shows scratches

Part Two: 

A: This just in: Birkenstock clogs are crazy clown shoes:

M: Oops

M: Heee

A: I hate everything

A: They’re regular b/c nobody carries narrow in the shiny leather

M: Now I’m paranoid

A: Yours are cute!

M: Narrow must be key

A: They’re a unicorn in reg black leather

M: Boo

M: And you didn’t like the suede?

A: I like suede, I just like the shiny leather more

M: Darn

A: Zappos has suede in narrow…

M: I like the suede

A: I might order for science

M: I find the shininess draws attention to them and they work better as background player

A: Right, that makes sense

M: I mean these are not cute shoes. They are aggressively comfortable


M: Way too wide especially in the toe box. Like flippers

A: Yes, my feet are swimming

M: Not the shoes for you

A: Check out these Arizonas:

M: Ooh pretty

M: I already have navy tho I wish they had gold buckles

M: Maybe I’ll put some rub n buff on them

A: There you go

Part Three:

A: I just got to work and my narrow suede Birks were waiting for me. They’re keepers!

M: Yayyyyyyy!

A: Also, the gold boots that I thought I’d canceled? Did not get canceled and they showed up and now I have to return them. I made the mistake of trying them on.

M: Oh dang

A: The Birks are cute

M: You don’t need those boots!

A: It’s okay, they’re super pretty but they’re going back. The suede Birks are SO GOOD:

A: Narrow is the way to go with the Boston

M: Yeah you have lady feet

A: I looooove them. This is bad, dude.

M: The gold boots?

A: No! The Birkenstocks

A: The gold boots are packed up to go back. No keepsies.

M: Oh that’s good! We’re in the same boat to Old Lady Town

A: Hopefully it’s a Viking River Cruise boat we're on


  1. I never comment because I'm more the lurker type, but I just have to come out of hiding and say I love this blog. I've just about given up reading blogs because so many all seem the same these days. But you're blog? Still just as great, or better, than when I started reading years ago. I love the mix of reading, watching, wearing, beauty and best of all, posts like this one. Thanks for being great and making my crappy afternoon at work a little brighter.

  2. Love the blog too! My comment is when i wear my Arizonas as indoor slippers in the winter I've stretched them out wearing them with socks. The cobbler was able to punch extra holes to tighten the straps but keep that in mind if you wear them with socks.