Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Outfit of the Day: You Win, Crazy Sleeves.

This just in: Crazy Sleeves 1, Adrien 0. They got me and I'm actually okay with it. Back in December I mentioned that my friend Kate had purchased a cute bishop-sleeved top from Banana and I recommended it here because it looked so great on her. She turned around and bought me the black one for my birthday:

Other than being a total lint magnet, I really love this top. It's such a different silhouette for me and I've worn it quite a few times. (Luckily there's room in the sleeves to store a tiny lint roller.) I still maintain that sleeves are dangerously out of control but I can do a little puffy shirt action and be okay with it. My top is basically sold out but Banana has this cotton bubble sleeve top that's pretty cute and I actually love this striped terry version. There's also this one in black at Ann Taylor and you know LOFT has one! I'm just going to move on now and pretend I didn't see this extremely nice Joie version. WHO EVEN AM I.

I'm wearing my crazy sleeves with my Madewell High-Rise Slim Boyjeans. I dig the look but man, 11" is a lot of rise. I love the cut though so my next pair might be these, which have a mid-rise, and I'm also considering this pair of skinny jeans. I mean, check out this rise:

Damn, that actually looks pretty cool. I just wish they were more comfortable to slouch-sit in. Oh, jeans. Why you gotta be so hard? On to details: 

I have been wearing my Soko Paddle Pendant an obnoxious amount but I just love it. I'm also wearing an Alexis Bittar cocktail ring similar to this one which is hard to see. 

Ah, the boots. I finally got a pair of Madewell Ainsley Chelsea boots (with Poshmark credit!) They're very similar to my old pair of Chelsea boots but more refined. So far I really like them a lot. I'm also carrying my grey MBMJ Too Hot To Handle hobo which is an old favorite. NR has it in some fun colors! It's such a great bag. 

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