Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Marianne: I am really trying to think of my favorite purchases...

...But it's sofa king coldddddddddd.

The MVP of the last month is definitely my shealing-lined Birkenstock clogs. I got these as a solution to my Uggs making my feet/back hurt when I stand in them for long periods, and I like to cook a lot on the weekends in winter. And they are PERFECT. So cozy, comfortable right out of the box, so supportive. Fair warning: I went from "I'll only wear these around the house" to "I'll only wear these" in about 48 hours. They are not exactly flattering but I don't CARE. 

I am digging into my brain and trying to remember the first 9 months of this year but I swear it's seven degrees and the cold has wiped it clean.

Oh! I remember something! This was the summer I fully embraced jumpsuits aka adult onesies. My absolute FAVE is still available on Amazon. Listen, it's really cute and several of my friends have it and we are all different heights, shapes, and sizes. Cute on it's own with birks or with a denim shirt tied at the waist and clogs. YOU CAN WEAR A ROMPER. It's okay.

My most adored accessory by a MILE is this Soko Paddle Pendant. I love it so much I bought one for Adrien (I love it tooooo! -A) because everyone needs one. It's weighty and a great length and good for fiddling with. I wear it so much...maybe too much. But I don't care. 

I am now looking at instagram to try and remember things I like. It is so cold.

Oh right! When it was NOT subzero outside I wore the HELL out of these Adidas. They are my perfect sneaker--comfortable, lightweight, supportive, and they don't require socks. Look how cute they are here:

I will warn you, they do stink after a while. Nothing a spin in the washing machine didn't solve, or maybe socks would help. But. No. (Just wear socks, it will be fine. -A)

And of course, the pants I haven't stopped wearing since I bought them, those damn olive green Mossimo jeggings. I have personally sold at least a dozen pairs of those damn things. 


  1. Does the black shearling stain your feet? I had a pair of Uggs that stained horribly!

    1. It's funny--my black Uggs never did but the birks definitely stained my toes/toenails. I am not really showing my feet so I don't care but it's definitely a thing. FYI rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover takes the stains right off.

    2. I have black Uggs and have never had an issue with staining.

  2. I love the look of those Target pants, but they aren't available near me and Target is no longer shipping them. :-(

    1. I'm sorry! We tried several different styles of the Mossimo jegging and they're all pretty good, if that helps.


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