Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Our Favorite Beauty Purchases of 2017

I feel like 2017 was the year where I just used a million sample sizes of everything and didn't actually buy much in the way of new, full-sized products. Despite that, I still have a few stand out favorites from 2017, starting with this one:

I bought the Pixi/Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse last March (review here) and despite thinking it wasn't necessarily a bargain for the amount you get, both cleansers are so freaking good that I just keep buying it again and again. Plus, I love that I can get it at Target. Easy! 

Dermaplaning is the best, y'all. I highly recommend getting it done professionally (so nice) but you can also totally do it yourself. I super love these Shiseido razors - they're dirt cheap and work really well. (Also, apparently they're super absorbent? I think the seller mixed up her copy.) ANYWAY, Marianne loves the Tinkle razors but I wasn't as crazy about them. Either way, you can totally do this. If you need help, watch this video

I have tried a lot of different skinny eyebrow pencils over the past year but I always come back to Anastasia Brow Wiz in caramel. It's just the right color - not too red, not too brown, not too ashy and it lasts ALL DAY. I don't know why I even bother with anything else. 

Allllll the DavinesCurrently I’m using OI All in One Milk,  Volume Boosting Mousse, and Minu shampoo which keeps my color bright. Basically, I love every Davines product I've tried and want more. It's a problem. They just smell so good and they work well for my hair and I love the packaging. It doesn't hurt that my salon carries the full line. Ugh. 

And here are Marianne's favorites:

After trying several other eyebrow pencils I have come back to Benefit Ka-Brow and my brows have never looked better. When I bought it, it came with a full sized High Brow, which I have never tried for some reason, in spite of having received and given away multiple samples. And y'all! It's good stuff! Makes my brows look crisp and it works as a highlighter for the lazy (i.e. me). 

I switched from my prescription retinol to Differin and that stuff is legit and like $12 at Target, no prescription needed. (Agree! This stuff is the real deal and totally Mean British Lady approved. -A) 

I also decided I wanted to find a signature scent this year and after trying several (including the mystical desert scent I talked about before) I have settled on Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme. Santa (me) put a rollerball of it in my stocking and I'm addicted. On me it's this perfect mix of spicy and warm and a little bit sweet after a few hours and I'm totally going to ask (buy myself) for a full bottle for my birthday. 

That's it! But just in case you want more and have literally nothing better to do, my 2016 beauty favorites are here and Marianne’s are here


  1. Oh I totally switched from the Tinkles to those Shiseido razors. They are the best.

  2. Davines!!!! My stylist put me on to them, and DAMN, I think I’d sell my last shirt on eBay to get more if I had to. WHY DOES ALL THEIR STUFF SMELL SO FLIPPIN GOOD.

  3. I hate Davines. I mean, I really don't but once you try them nothing else is as good and you become addicted and there's a korean taco place next to my salon so I swear I have a Pavlovian reaction to smelling my hair and craving bulgogi. And the same goes for the Anastasia brows...except not the weird food thing.


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