Thursday, January 11, 2018

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Nordstrom Rack is Ridiculous Right Now.

Like the truffle pig I am, I went rooting around in Nordstrom Rack's clearance section looking for rare bargains just for you guys because I am not allowed to buy things right now. What did I find? A metric TON of Soko jewelry! I was like"Ooooooh shit" because I love my new pendant so much and I WANT ALL THE THINGS. WHAT A STUPID MONTH FOR A NO-BUY. 

Anyway, just because I'm a stupid idiot doesn't mean you have to be. I mean, lookit this necklace:

I want it allllllll. They're so beautiful and also ethical, you guys! I also found this Botkier tassel pendant which I couldn't not include because I'm still into tassels and this looks like a good one:

It ain't Soko, but I still really like it and it's rull cheap. SIGH. I moved onto bags after that because why not just punch myself in the face for fun? I didn't actually find anything to get hysterical about but I do think this Frye saddle bag is quite minimal and cool:

That's nice, right? So sleek. I also found this cute Marc Jacobs chipped stud pouch in a good teal color:

There’s also a zip phone wristlet in the same color/style. I don't need these things but I super love the distressed stud detail.  And, if you’ve been looking for a new laptop bag this Marc by Marc bag is $51 and fits a 15” laptop. Apparently it’s faux fur lined? Heh. But seriously, I dig it:

The shoes section is a disaster (new slogan idea: Where weird Birkenstocks go to die!) but I did find something good amongst the (also mostly weird) clothing! In case I didn’t convince you earlier this week to get an Eileen Fisher gin cardigan, perhaps this will help? 

This isn't technically in the clearance section but it's still quite well-priced for the quality and fit. I also found this purple cardigan which is even less $$ and is cut a lot like mine:

So cute and basically perfect for drinking gin in a ditch or whatever you like to do while wearing a big soft cardigan. I don't judge. 


  1. I admired both the Frye bag (so crisp and white!) and the Eileen Fisher carnigan. I had never heard of Soko, but that line is gorgeous! thanks for finding the finest truffles!


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