Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Adrien: Madewell Purchases - Review and Outfit.

As I mentioned last week, I did a little buy-first-ask-questions-later shopping on my recent trip to Chicago. I bought the following outfit:

The top is the Rivet and Thread bell sleeve tee and the jeans are the high-rise slim boyjean. Let's talk about these jeans first. I mean, they're really good. The high rise takes a bit of getting used to but they stay put and hold you in nicely. I've worn them several times since I bought them and I am really into the looser fit - it's just refreshing after years of skinny jeans. (I still love you, skinny jeans, but I need something else in my life!) Here's a better look at the rise:

They're definitely a slouchy boyfriend fit and I did size down because my usual size gaped in the waist. I also tried on the Slim Straight style which fit well but was an odd length on me. I normally would try to link to some other brands with similar styles but I'm such a fan of Madewell denim that it doesn't seem necessary. Madewell denim isn't inexpensive but the fit is so good and they do have sales. My boyfriend jeans are on sale in the Painter Edition and oooh, my favorite coated skinny jeans are back! 

Now, the top. I love it in theory but after looking at the photos I think maybe it's too big and maybe I have enough striped shirts? I don't know. I haven't taken the tags off yet, so I might return it. Also, eagle-eyed reader Tonia pointed out that Madewell has a VERY similar style top on sale right now and I was like, "heeeeeeeyyyy, now." So I may check that one out because dang. Also, this cross-back sweater which I just now noticed. Anyway. On to details:

That small necklace I'm wearing is my little labradorite pendant I talked about last week. It's great and would make lovely gift if you're already on the hunt. There's also a chalcedony version which is awfully pretty. Also! These Chan Luu labradorite earrings look like something I need in my life. My other necklace is BR and it's an old favorite. I recommend this Minkoff spike pendant instead, not because it's terribly similar but because it's cooler than mine. Heh.

Those sleeves! It's a lot but I'm not mad at it. I'm carrying my usual MBMJ Too Hot hobo because it's perfect and I'm wearing my Madewell Lucien boots from last year. Okay, so listen. Madewell is KILLING IT with the boots this year. I love these new chelsea boots and the olive green suede pair is on sale and OMG now there are metallic wingtip chelsea boots and I just fainted. Good bye. 


  1. I like the fit of the top on you. It is a bit of a change to your usual fit. Lovin those sleeves too.

  2. Gurl you have such a cute figure and look at the difference it makes when you hide all the shirt away in the 2nd pic. I say size down

  3. If you keep the top definitely size down. The sleeve looks GREAT on you! Love the necklace!!

  4. I tried those jeans, but I'm really short-waisted and they didn't work for me unfortunately. I felt cut in half! Oh well--worth a shot!


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