Monday, November 20, 2017

We Discuss: Party Looks and IRL Shopping.

M: I like this:

M: It makes me want velvet tuxedo pants and a Christmas party.

A: Staaaaars! I love it.

A: I want one really pretty blouse I can wear with my coated black jeans and boots and maybe my tuxedo jacket and that will be my holiday party outfit. Only, I cannot find a blouse. Stores are dumb.

M: Try the JCrew one! It sounds perfect for that.

A: You won’t be mad if I order it?

M: Nah. If that doesn’t work I like a lace top for the holidays. Like this:

A: Oh, pretty!

M: I've had good luck with lace tops there in the past.

A: It was such a crowded nightmare in the Loft store last weekend that I don't feel like I actually saw anything.

M: Yeah we have entered into the time when I Do Not Go To Stores.

A: I thought I was still within the safe zone, but nope. I got all snow-blind and panicky.

M: NOPE. And it’s always hot and there’s NO AIR.

A: It was SO hot. The sale racks were JAM PACKED and you couldn't actually see what you were browsing. I finally hit the ground and stomach-crawled out of there.

A: Ooh, check out this one from Anthro:

M: That’s pretty. I might like that one even more (for me)

A: It’s more dollars, but super pretty.

M: I really do have a couple of holiday parties to go to and I LOVE the idea of this over simple black but I feel like we are supposed to hate Zara?

A: Wait, why do we hate Zara*?

M: I can’t remember.

M: And I don’t feel like googling because I’m watching Japanese game shows.

A: That is quality television.

M: I also love this:

M: I hope your turkey is dry as shit, Susan

A: *whispers* Pocahontas was kidnapped...

*This is why.


  1. I bought and returned the JCrew star blouse. I thought the quality was awful!

  2. For me I kind of hate Zara because their sizing is usually super small. I do have some over-sized sweaters I like and shoes too from them. The shoes don't run small. Also there might be some environmental and/or human rights issues with them (fast fashion and all) idk.

  3. too bad this one's missing a sleeve

  4. People don't really do that "native" makeup thing do they? I've never heard of that! (Canadian here)


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