Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Adrien: Fall Purchases Revisited.

Edited to add: I am taking a lot of cold medicine and had this post all written before remembering that I'd written this post less than a month ago. I am literally losing my mind, y'all. Lets agree to just politely pretend like some of this is brand new information, shall we?

Most of the time when I review a new purchase it's just that - brand new. I haven't really had a chance to test it out, wash it, wear it multiple times. Sometimes that perfect thing ends up being seriously perfect and sometimes it ends up being a regrettable disappointment. (My apologies if I ever recommended something that ended up in that second category for you! I don't always get it right.)

With that in mind, I thought I'd revisit my fall purchases and let you know how they're working out:

Madewell high-rise slim boyjean (reviewed here):
These are currently my favorite jeans because I love the silhouette! However, I will agree with a recent commenter that, as a short waisted person, the high waist does cut in but only when I'm sitting for too long. I generally just unbutton them because I'm classy like that. Going forward I'll probably stick to mid-rise styles like this one from Madewell because I think I'll be more comfortable.

Rivet and Thread bell sleeve tee (reviewed here):
I returned this top and now I see it's on sale and I have regret! It was just a little too big on me and too expensive for what it was. I might have to re-purchase on sale if I can track down an XS! Ugh, regret. There's also still this one at Madewell that's similar (but not in my size.)

Daydreamer sweatshirt (reviewed here):
I cannot believe this sweatshirt retails for $75! I think I paid $22 for mine and that's about what it's worth. I love it in a lot of ways - it's super soft, it's cool, it has a great drape. It's also made of freaking dryer lint. The hem and cuffs are made of the reverse fluffy fabric and they are not wearing well at all. This sweatshirt also gets grey lint ON EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE. So annoying.

Mossimo camo jeggings (and moto jeggings! Reviewed here and here):
Love. Love love love. What a fun, inexpensive way to throw some trends into a wardrobe. They fit surprisingly well, I like that they're kinda short so I can wear them with ankle boots, and so inexpensive! The camo pair are wearing well but my olive moto pair are definitely looking a bit faded, probably because I throw them in the dryer to re-shrink them. No regrets.

Everlane Street Ankle boots (reviewed here):
I bought these with the expectation that I'd be returning them but I just couldn't. They were just so weird and cool and different from anything else I owned. I'll admit though, the first few times I wore them I was worried I'd made an expensive mistake. They're narrow and slipped on my heels and were not super comfortable out of the box. But, I've persevered and they get more comfortable each time I wear them. Definitely a pair of boots that require breaking in.

Halston Heritage Tuxedo jacket (reviewed here):
Perfection. Love. I have worn it with dresses and with jeans and I leave it hanging on the outside of my closet door so I can admire it when I'm not wearing it. I'm a little freak.

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  1. Ordered the boots using your link. Thanks for the push!


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