Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Adrien: I Do Not Hate Socks (A Bombas Review)

Marianne hates socks, y'all. She calls them foot prisons. I agreed with her until I found my magic socks. I have magic socks! The magic is: Bombas. This is not really new information, I've written about my love of Bombas quite a lot but I bought some new styles and I have a lot to say, apparently.

All my gym socks are Bombas Ankle because once I started wearing them, I couldn't imagine wearing anything else. I get legit mad when I run out. They are super cushy, they fit really well and, best of all, there is no hard seam over your toes. I hate the seam. Hate it so much. Bombas hand-links the seam so you don't feel it. Magic. Bombas is also awesome because for every pair they sell, they donate a pair to someone in need.

So, initially they were just gym socks but then ankle boots became a thing. I struggled because the best ankle boots/pants look involves a little bit of ankle showing and socks are not part of this look. I discovered by trial and error that the Bombas ankle is actually really great for wearing with ankle boots because the blister tab keeps them from slipping under your heel. I also LOVE the No Shows - I wear them with sneakers and boots and they absolutely stay put.

Anyway! They kept sending me emails about cute new styles and patterns so I gave in and ordered some damn socks (with my own money! This isn't a sponsored post):

I got some of the new styles - the Cushioned No Show, the Knee-High, and the Quarters. I also bought a pair of ankle socks because, um, they come in leopard print now. Look how cute:

(Daniel says stripes are better than spots and leopards aren't all that.)  

I really love my leopard ankle socks! I'm also really happy with the other new socks I bought. The Cushioned No-Show are especially great with my Chelsea boots - they give a little more padding but still stay out of sight. The ankle socks are a little bit high for some of my ankle boots, but they work with taller pairs and also work great as cycling socks because they're snug at the ankle. The knee-highs are amazing with tall boots. They so much more comfortable around the toes (no pointy seam edges!) and they stayed up all day. Yay for good socks.

If you've never tried Bombas here's a little incentive: purchase through my link and get 25% off your first order. Yay! Socks for everyone. 



  2. I have never tried Bombas but OMG I WANT THOSE KNEE HIGH SOCKS. If I decide to pull the trigger, I will definitely use your referral link. :)

  3. Target carries some C9 socks that I am assuming are knockoffs of these--the ankle and no-shows look just the same (minus the cute bees). I love them and am curious how the quality compares.


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