Monday, November 6, 2017

Adrien: This Weird Thing Happened.

Hey, I have a good idea. Why not wear all my favorite things in one really confusing outfit! Yes? OKAY:

Wait, this is fine. I am happy with it and it's very much me. I'm wearing the Target jeggings you guys are probably sick of hearing us talk about but I have to tell you - they are really good. The other day I accidentally went to Saks and tried on this pair of cargo skinnies by Joie and you know what? I think the Target moto version are just as good and now I want the Target cargo version. Seriously. (I also tried on this Joie sweater which is awesome but wtf with that price? It's a wool blend!) 

I did the half-tuck thing so you can see the cute zipper detailing. I'm wearing a truly ancient Olive & Oak blouse which is still an easy favorite of mine. This pretty Joie version is very similar (and this one on sale in XS and S) but so up-keepy. If you are a garbage person like me maybe go with a washable synthetic like this surprisingly cute NYDJ blouse or this nicely minimal Ann Taylor option. I also like this little Gap blouse even if it's right on the edge of being to ruffly for me. 

Here's where it gets a little weird. I basically try my new tuxedo jacket on with everything just in case. I don't think it's not working but this might be a bit much with the moto jeggings. Maybe jeans would be better? Eh, I'm still not mad at it. 

 Daniel came by to make sure I had my quota of outfit cat hair. He takes his job seriously. Details:

Nothing super exciting - just an old BR necklace that's quite similar to this Gorjana necklace that's on sale. It's also pretty similar to this Minkoff pendant, the pointy bit, anyway. My bracelet is a modern screw cuff by Bijouone.

 I still love my weird Everlane street ankle boots which are breaking in nicely. Believe it or not, there are similar boots out there and I love the idea of a pull-on sneaker boot but I think the Everlane are a solid option. I'm carrying my black MBMJ hobo because it seemed like the best option today though this Liebeskind Berlin bag is awfully tempting and I love how minimal this black Vince hobo is. One day I'll get a different black bag. Maybe.


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  2. Dude. Even with all your posts about the tuxedo jacket, I didn't know I NEEDED my own until I happened upon a Bailey 44 jacket at a consignment shop last week, for $44!!!!! The only link I could find about it is this one that says it costs somewhere between $169 and $338, and I am cacklin' -