Thursday, November 2, 2017

Stuff I Like: Crazy Deals, Travel, Not This Other Thing.

These Amazon Deals 
Update: I removed the sweater link since it's been replaced by a third party seller. Ugh. Sorry!  Here are a few more deals Nina found (though she warns that usually the price jumps up as soon as they sell one in the cheap size, so the shelf life on these is probably pretty short):

Soia and Kyo coat $82.20 in XL in ash gray (ret. $390):
Plenty coat for $86 in XS (ret. $350+)
Ilse Jacobsen anorak for $59 in size 36 in army green (ret. $250+)
Laundry coat $44 in size small (ret. $200ish)

Northern California
I had a great vacation trip last week, which I documented via IG stories (on my personal account) which I'm normally too lazy to bother with. I really appreciated all your excellent recommendations though I didn't get to a lot of them because we only had about a day and a half in SF proper. We did manage Golden Gate Park, Craftsman & Wolves, some good Chinese food, and I stopped by the Everlane lab. We also went to Muir Woods which is wonderful, but thank god we went early.

However, my favorite stop was the Sutro Baths ruins which is amazing. It was a turn-of-the-century bath house/swimming complex that closed and then burned down in the 1960s. Now it's just a crazy, slightly dangerous ruin that you can walk around in! There's a lookout point and a weird tunnel where you can see the waves coming in underneath - the sound was like nothing I'd ever heard. It was so incredibly cool with an edge of tetanus/possible drowning. I loved it. Highly recommend.

And, here's one thing I don't like:

La Croix Key Lime
What a disappointment! I'm really fond of most of the single-note La Croix flavors, with lime and mango being my top two. When I saw the new key lime flavor at Target I basically pushed a complete stranger out of the way to get it (but to be fair he was just standing there blocking the La Croix section for WAY too long when it was clear that I was waiting for him to move. I NEED MY SPARKLING GIRL WATER, SIR.) Anyway, I thought I'd love La Croix's key lime. I mean, key lime pie is delicious. Unfortunately key lime La Croix tastes like cheap lime candy or (per Marianne) lime Jell-O. It's...really not good, y'all, so if you've been tempted to try it I have just saved you a few dollars.


  1. I just ordered the camo cashmere sweater for $8.50! (Plus, like $4ish S/H.) At first, it wouldn't let me, but then I tried again and the order went thru. YAY! Also, all the sizes were showing as only $8.50.
    Why do I feel like my credit card is going to be compromised over this????? :/

    1. Hey! This is Nina. Did you order from Amazon directly at that price, or a third party seller? Because I've noticed a lot of "just launched" third-party sellers with no feedback who list a million things at ridiculously low prices and it looks totally scammy to me. I always buy direct from Amazon.

    2. This is SO weird. The link is the same one I bought mine through, but it was $29.11 with free Prime shipping. The prices must have changed in the last hour or so because I checked them before publishing. Eep.

    3. Also, my seller is "Amazon" not DIOUY which is listed now as the seller.

    4. Anonymous, Amazon replaced/redirected the link on me! Apparently they default to the lowest price and the price on the one I listed went back up, so it redirected to a third party. I'm really sorry! Your card won't be compromised but you'll probably get a fake. I'd cancel.

    5. (Nina again) I feel like the worst I have heard is that your purchase will just never be shipped, because the sellers don't actually have the inventory, not that you'll get a fake. But yes, try to cancel if you bought from anyone "just launched" so you get your $ back quickly.


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