Monday, November 27, 2017

Cyber Monday: I Can't Not.

You guyyyys. I am overwhelmed. I've got a bit of a cold and I'm feeling foggy and the SALES ARE SMACKING ME IN THE FACE. It's rude. Like, YES MADEWELL. I know the boots I want are on sale but I can't buy everything! I'm supposed to be shopping for other people. But ugh:

 J.Crew has 40% off, plus an extra 10% off your purchase and free shipping with code SHOPFAST but only until noon! Eep. Nordstrom is giving an extra 20% off super specific sale items, many of which are very goodBoden has 30% off with code CY8H. Target is giving an extra 15% off which stacks with current promotions. Even Athleta is giving 20% off with code REFRESH and they never have codes. It's too much! I can't handle it!

So today let's talk about Anthropologie. They currently have a relatively sedate 20% off full-priced items which isn't even that amazing but I loooove their holiday stuff. Let's ponder:

Do I need sequined slippers? No. Will my cat eat the sequins off my slippers? Probably. Do I still want them? Absolutely.

llama plates? Are you kidding me? I know llamas are the new owls or whatever but I am 100% down with this:

The most beautiful candle in a holiday scent that may or may not give me a headache. I’m willing to risk it:

Do you have a fake fur throw? You need one, trust me. Mine is from Restoration Hardware (which I recommend) but these colors are so pretty:

Every year with the weird-ass and wonderful ornaments.  Three Pawn Kings, y’all. Lobster mistletoe. I'm dead.

Okay, this sequined hoodie is more money than I want to spend but it’s festive, right?

I'm still thinking about this blouse, especially since I didn't buy the star print one from J.Crew. Hmm:

Behold, the only pair of Anthro earrings I clicked on that weren't eleventy million dollars:

Okay, I'm tired now. Bye bye.

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