Tuesday, November 7, 2017

We Discuss: Tights and the Patriarchy. And Hemsworth.

M: I kind of want overalls? LOVE these from ASOS!

A: For overalls, those are really cute.

M: I think I’m missing my summer jumpsuit rompers.

A: Aw, yeah.

M: And I am maybe turning into Diane Keaton mixed with Sally from When Harry met Sally.

M: And I want to wear sneakers and a big cardigan and overalls on the weekend.

M: I am certain they will be a disaster.

A: I see no problems with this.

M: But like the wide leg pants I have to know.

A: Of course! I think those overalls look pretty cute and I don’t normally think overalls are cute.

A: I am basically dressing like a boy these days.

M: Same

M: A tomboy

A: Yes

M: In a Nora Ephron movie

A: Yes

A: I just cannot deal with winter dresses.

M: Me neither. And tights? Fuck off.

A: FUCK YOU TIGHTS. I just want pants and boots and big-ass sweaters.

M: Patriarchy

A: I wore tall boots with a dress the other day and was mad about it all day.

M: Tights are the patriarchy.

A: They are, yes. But they keep me warm if I wear a stupid dress.

M: Men don’t wear tights and dresses because they know.

A: I just need more pants. I want some trousery pants and I think I’m finally ready for boyfriend jeans. (Are they on their way out?)

M: Haha

M: Nah you do you.

M: Status: read a headline that asked “are ankle boots over?” and said oh fuck off.

A: Aw hell naw

M: Just everyone stop

A: Unrelated: just realized I was not following Idris Elba on IG

M: Ooh me neither



M: Mmmm

A: I'm seeing the new Thor movie on Saturday with my guy. He doesn't get my ulterior motive.

M: Heh

A: Hemsworth. Elba. Goldblum.

M: Hemsworthhhhhh


M: My favorite Hemsworth

A: The best Hemsworth

M: Unh

A: Sing it


  1. I prefer Elba to Hemsworth. I watched The Dark Tower simply because Idris Elda was in it. :)

    1. Oh, we talk about Idris A LOT: http://www.looksgoodfromtheback.com/search?q=Idris

  2. Sweet mother of Mary, that abdominal area! Hemsworth should wear those overalls and wear them like a farmer with one side unbuckled. You know, for the dramatic reveal of the abs.

  3. Totally agree with the tights thing. I would internally sigh every time I pulled them on a few years ago (also, crotch blowouts, am I the only one???) So I switched to J Jill leggings+ socks + ankle boots with every dress or skirt and the jury is out on how I look... But dang, I feel good.


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