Thursday, November 30, 2017

Stuff I Like: This One Major Thing.

This Engagement That Has Us Charmed AF



M: 😭😭😭


M: I love it so much

A: I'm very invested in his happiness

M: Diana would be so proud


A: She totally would

M: Both her boys picked the girl that made them happy

M: 😭😭😭

A: 😭😭😭

M: She’s so preeeettttty

A: Hey, we watched those boys grow up!

A: She's gorgeous. And older than him! And American!


M: So good. So so good

M: All of us are like see it could have been me!

A: I might have thought that

M: And it wasn’t us but it’s okay because it could have been us

A: It totally could have been us. I mean, I love gingers and polo ponies.

M: You’re a princess now!

A: Obvs

This Book That Is a Palate Cleanser
I have to admit that sometimes I just stall out on books, even ones I'm enjoying, because my brain is full and can't process more serious-and-dark things. I have abandoned my re-read of It and instead I'm reading a totally fluffy book full of things I like: books, Scotland, awkward protagonists and twinkly-eyed men. I'm not sorry and so far The Bookshop on the Corner by Jenny Colgan is giving me exactly what I need - comforting escapist reading.

This Podcast That's Freaking Me Out
I am about four episodes into the first season of Someone Knows Something and even though I don't really love the narrator I'm still pretty invested. It's also creepy AS HELL that the missing boy shares my name and they spend a lot of time shouting, "ADRIEN! ADRIEN!" and I'm like please stop holy shit. It's good though.

This Show That Is Terrible But Entertaining
Have I whined enough yet about being sick? I'm feeling better now but during my confinement I watched nearly the entire season of Girlboss and enjoyed it thoroughly even though I thought the book was garbage and Sophia Amoruso is just awful. I am not proud! The character based on her is also pretty awful but I love a lot of the supporting actors (Ru Paul! Jim Rash!) and I'm always into stories about clothes. Also, the soundtrack is on point. So, if you need to binge-watch something that will probably irritate you but is also entertaining, this is it.

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