Thursday, November 16, 2017

Stuff I Like: Listening, Reading, Carrying, Wearing

I'm back with a few more recommendations. Also! We've added a bunch of new stuff to the blog shop so check it out! Buy our stuff! 

This Podcast That Seems Very Us.
Marianne texted me recently all, YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO THIRST AID KIT. So I did and it's basically like our cute boy entries in podcast form. Nichole and Bim have excellent taste in men and it's one of those podcasts where I agree with them out loud like they can hear me, like, "John Cho? Andre Benjamin?? HELL YES PLEASE." Anyway, it's extremely relevant to my interests and I highly recommend.

This Stephen King Book I'm Re-reading. 
I read It when it came out in the 80s and remember really loving it. I saw the recent movie and realized that a) I am too old for horror movies and cannot handle them at all, and b) I really wanted to give it a re-read and see if it held up. It does! It's much better and deeper as a novel and is really all about the characters and their bond. And it's scary as hell. I won't lie. 

This Laptop Cover That Sparks Joy.
I get very annoyed at how ugly office things tend to be so when I needed a new laptop case I was happy to discover that Cynthia Rowley had fixed the glitch. I bought the cosmic black floral neoprene laptop case and it makes me happy over and over again. It's just so fucking cute! Now I want the matching mousepad and the gold stapler and the rest of it. Upgrade your desk! Some of it is available on Amazon, but mostly at Staples.

This Hat That Surprised Me.
I really wish the Box of Style hadn't gone downhill because there are items from past boxes that still surprise and delight me. Last year's box (such a good one) contained a Soia and Kyo beanie that I totally forgot about until it got super cold last weekend. I wore that hat all weekend and it's crazy cute and warm! I am not a hat person! But I like this one! I have the mulberry color but it also came in black and white. You could buy a version that has a cute floof ball ooorrrrr go to eBay and pick up one from last year's box.

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  1. THANK YOU for some gift ideas for my co-workers. Fancy desk accessories are always a good gift.


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