Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Adrien: How I Did Monday.

Yesterday was rough, y'all. I had a great weekend and then...Monday. It was cold out and I couldn't handle dressing up for work so I, um, didn't. I wore this instead:

Are Target moto jeggings appropriate for the office? Probably not but that never stopped me. I have been wearing these jeggings A TON lately because they're just so easy and comfortable. They do stretch out and I don't expect them to last forever but for now they're a staple. And, they're on sale for $20! When they die I might consider getting an upgraded version. I mean, this pair by Joie is the ultimate but this pair by J Brand is on sale and, ooh I also like this "suede" version which isn't expensive at all. 

I'm wearing last year's Everlane cashmere slouchy v-neck sweater which is a favorite. $100 for a decent cashmere sweater? That's a solid deal. (And now they have a cashmere hoodie that I'm trying to ignore and I still want the striped sweater even though Marianne talked me out of it.) My sweater does pill a little bit but I use one of these and it works like a charm. I'm wearing an old purple long sleeved tee underneath because I'm a sensitive itchy flower. (And y'all, why doesn't Everlane make a long sleeve version of their Cotton V? I would buy a million of them.) 

Daniel stopped by to make a cat hair deposit. He loves me but I really think he enjoys the sabotage. Here are some details: 

Still digging my two new bargain necklaces. The little labradorite necklace can be found at Nordstrom Rack and dang it, I also love these Shashi labradorite threader earrings. So pretty. My gold bar pendant necklace is from Banana Republic but this one is really similar and definitely better quality. Also! This Rebecca Minkoff necklace is on clearance for under $20 and it's SO PRETTY. 

I don't super love taking close-ups of my face (HAHAHA *SOB*) but I really wanted to show y'all my new bargain earrings which I bought as a holiday gift and then kept for myself like a jerk. They're House of Harlow 1960 Warrior Ear Jackets which I found on Amazon. (Marianne also has them so I am basically a jerk and a copycat.) They went OOS the minute I bought them but hopefully they'll be back. In the meantime, these sparkly little HH studs are $8.64 and these ear jackets are under $20. Also, this Bling pair is really similar and how fun is this Minkoff pair

Do I really need to talk about the same MBMJ bag and Madewell boots I wear too much?  Probably not. I will say that right now Madewell has a 25% off with code DONTSTRESS which you could certainly use to buy a pair of great boots or a very beautiful grey-violet tote or crossbody bag

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  1. You look great in all pics as always. Love the outfit and boots (and Daniel :D)


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