Saturday, March 13, 2010

Adrien: Lunch Break at Anthro

Yesterday I spent my lunch break in one of the spacious but weirdly-lit dressing rooms at Anthropologie.

Lately I've not been loving Anthro so much because the ruffle trend is just too much for me to handle. Too. Many. Ruffles. Don't really love them. But, I still always find one or two interesting things that I can't begin to afford, but really love anyway. Like this Caballo Falls Dress:

It's even prettier in real life, but is too fancy for work and too expensive to buy for some unknown future event. So, so pretty, though. I tried on the 4 (they didn't have a 6) and wow, did it ever not fit:

(sorry about the pit shot there.)

I also tried on this cute dotted dress I found on the sale rack marked down to $39:

Cute in theory, but a little sad and droopy on me. It had pockets too, which did nothing but add extra poof to an area that doesn't need any more poofing.

I also tried on the Great Heights Shift which has been hanging out in the sale room for weeks. I might buy it if it gets marked down again. The 6 was too big and did funny things in the back:

But the 4 fit pretty well:

I think with the right accessories this could be a really fun, striking dress. (By the way, one of the reviews on the Anthro site for this dress is hi-larious. A girl bought it and then didn't like it because the print "looks like a cityscape." Uh, you don't say, genius.)

I tried on one high-waisted skirt (Tracy Reese I think?) and it was a lot of fun, but not quite workable enough to invest $80:

That's it! Nothing to make me cry but nothing to take home either. I can live with that.


  1. Definitely get the dress so mysteriously like a cityscape if it goes on sale more. Also, that skirt looks great on you.

  2. You look cute in all of these items! Especially that blue dress. Damn!

  3. Oh, that cityscape dress is amazing on you!