Monday, March 29, 2010

Marianne: It's Monday and I'm sick.

Blargh. I am a snotty, raspy-voiced mess, people. It's dark and rainy and cold and let's get this over with.
I think the idea of this outfit is better than my execution of it. I wish the blazer was a bit longer, but I do like the colors and let's face it, I'm terribly comfortable. The real story here is my boots.
I bought these boots when I lived in New York, I saved my bartending tips for a month until I could afford them. At the time they were the most expensive thing in my closet and I think they are still the most I've ever spent on a shoe. But hey, 9 years later they are still perfect. Beat up soft leather, a nice low heel, and the perfect brown.

My husband calls them my Han Solo boots. I can live with that.

A close up shot so you can see the colors and textures here. I do like the mix, I just think the proportions aren't quite right.
blazer: Theory (I replaced the metal buttons with yellow)
tunic: DKNY
scarf: bought on the street in Paris (doesn't this make me sound like an asshole?)
jeans: Gap Always Skinny
boots: Donna Karen
nose: runneth over

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