Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Marianne: Bruised Outfit of the Day

Ah, when I left my house this morning I felt relatively put together, if a little dull. I now realize that I am a giant bruise. Navy dress, grey tights, black boots.

I beg of you, three people that read this blog, how would you change this outfit to make it less drab? Once Spring is here for real and it's a bit warmer, I think that the red peep-toe heels I have would be a good start, plus bare legs. For today, I threw on a little scarf for color, and as an erstwhile attempt to cover up the cleavage.
Also, I have got to find a better place to take these pictures. I was totally walked in on and made a complete ass of myself. There is a private bathroom on the other side of the building, I might have to go over there. Because of my anxiety, you either get out of focus me (top), or crazy eyes here:My most beloved boots, surreptitiously photographed in my cubicle:I feel like my boot days are numbered so I'm trying to wear them as much as I can right now.
dress: Banana Republic
tights: Assets
boots: Frye
scarf: handmade, artist unknown
expression: Runaway Bride

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