Thursday, March 25, 2010

Marianne: Black, White, and...wait a minute.

No, you aren't seeing a badly-lit repeat of yesterday. And yes, I'm a nerd and couldn't wait to wear my new stripy dress, so I kind of tried to make it more weather-appropriate with nude fishnets and a cardigan.

Looking at the pictures, the cardigan is a little boxy and I wish I had thrown on a skinny belt to define my waist better. Also, I fear the fishnets have given me Adrien's dread furry-in-pictures look. But let me tell you, Spanx's nude fishnets are worth every penny. They add just enough warmth on cool spring mornings, they go with almost everything, and they last for-freaking-ever. The two pairs I have are over 3 years old and only now does one of them have a hole in the heel.

Do you like how the lighting goes from bad to okay in every picture? To get the full effect you have to imagine me swiveling back and forth in our dressing room at work, frantically snapping pictures and praying that no one will walk in on me.

My cute new Banana Republic trench.

I should have taken my keys out of the pocket, because now it looks like it's pulling and doesn't fit. I, ah, have an issue with fashion bloggers wearing clothes that are too small on them.

Even the same shoes! I know. I'm so uncreative, it hurts. I wasn't going to bother posting but my partner-in-crime wanted to see my outfit, so here you go. Adrien, I am glad you're a bit more creative than I am today. Your dinner outfit gives our 7 viewers some eye candy.
dress: Old Navy
cardigan: Old Navy
fishnets: Spanx
trench: Banana Republic
shoes: Office UK
hair: sopping wet, but still an improvement on yesterday

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  1. I love the dress on you and don't think the cardigan looks boxy. You are making me excited for my navy version of this dress to arrive.