Monday, March 15, 2010

Marianne: Sloppy Outfit of the Day

This week we are moving to a new office, and so I'm packing, purging/shredding old documents, and wading through 10 years of old headshots and comp reels. It's dusty, messy work and everyone here is dressed accordingly. On top of this, we are in the midst of a home move as well and today we're going to see a house in the woods, and I want to be able to tromp through the outside of the house. SO, no heels, no dresses, no skirts, not today.

I hesitate to wear these pants outside of the house, even though my husband LOVES them. But he tends to love clothes that make me look like some kind of tomboy, so I never know. Regardless, I didn't feel like wearing jeans, so whatever. Also, with the time change it's dark when I leave in the morning now, so I might have to take a page from Kim at
Anthroholic and start taking Outfit of the Day pictures in my work bathroom. I wonder, does anyone ever walk in on her? How does she explain herself?
Besides the Questionable pants, I'm wearing a pintucked grey t-shirt and my most favorite Marc Jacobs corduroy jacket. A blue cashmere scarf, ivory Converse Chuck Taylors and my massive black Marc Jacobs Faridah bag round off the sloppy look.

Anthropologie Paper Boy chinos
Gap grey pintucked t-shirt
Marc Jacobs heart pocket corduroy jacket
J. Crew cashmere scarf
Converse Chuck Taylor shoes
Marc Jacobs Faridah bag
Diana Warner initial necklace ("L" for Lulu!)