Friday, March 12, 2010

Marianne: (Pretend) Outfit of the Day

We are in the midst of an office move where I work, which is no small undertaking. Because I am supposed to be purging old documents and moving boxes today, I'm dressed pretty schlubby, so instead of documenting my super hawt t-shirt and Converse, here is an outfit I'd like to be wearing.

I love, love, love this yellow printed Virginia Johnson dress. LOVE. However, I do not love the price. I kind of have a price limit when it comes to jersey. Maybe Adrien can find me a cheap ass Ross knock off? Seriously, I would wear that all summer with a pretty wooden bead necklace and sandals. Le sigh. To edge it towards being more seasonally appropriate, I'd pair this dress with a long neutral cardigan and a belt. I am kind of addicted to belts.

I'd round things off with some vintage flat brown boots and a cozy scarf. I have some perfect old DKNY boots that look like something Han Solo would wear, but these will do for reference sake.

So pretty! Off to shred some old expense reports. Try to contain yourselves.

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