Monday, October 25, 2010

Adrien: Anomaly

My green Reed Shirtdress is a bit of an anomaly in my wardrobe. I don't generally go for full skirts, button-down styles, or really, anything this prim and girly, but the color was so fantastic I couldn't resist. I'm never quite sure if it's my style but I always get compliments when I wear it so for now it stays. I struggle a bit about what to wear with it - too far in one direction and you're Donna Reed, too far in the other and you're June Cash. I think I found a decent middle ground:

dress: Anthropologie (similar)
boots: Camper (similar)
cardigan: can't remember!
bag: MBMJ Hillier Hobo
reversible belt: Lauren by Ralph Lauren (similar)


  1. I love a shirtdress. This outfit is very flattering, and the colors look great with your hair. I'm always afraid to wear tall boots with a full skirt, but it looks excellent here. This look says "sexy troop leader." Five stars!

  2. It's a good thing!

  3. I own the Reed in this color, and I'm going to wear it exactly like that.Thanks for the idea! I love a redhead in green.


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