Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Adrien: Body Conscious

I bought this dress online back in August when I had a 40% off coupon and tried it on immediately when it arrived...then blanched in horror when I realized that, despite the coughbullshitcough universally flattering qualities of the wrap dress, this one was going to require a full slip. And a camisole. And Spanx. Lots of Spanx.

So, I waited until it was cold enough to wear tights with it and still, the under pinings aren't quite there yet. You can still see the outline of the hem of my cami and what I really need is a black full slip that's attractive enough to show. Also, in my dark bedroom my grey shoes and tights were pretty close in shade, but in daylight? Not so much. You live and learn. Despite all this, I still kind of love it:

It was cold, so I added my peacock feather print scarf:

And then I added a trench coat and my swell new sunglasses (which is what was in the mystery Saks bag that nobody was even remotely curious about. Hmph.)

And then I said good morning to my tiny squirrel friend:


dress: Banana Republic faux-wrap dress
scarf: Nine West (similar)
shoes: Chie Mihara (similar)
trench: Banana Republic classic trench
sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs aviator
bag: Marc Jacobs Blake


  1. I bought that navy blue Old Navy wrap dress that y'all recommended for me and I have the same issues with it! I needs so many underpinnings and it's kind of thin! But I still like it because it IS flattering on me.

    I knew what was in the Saks bag but never got around to commenting yesterday!

  2. Pretty! I have nearly this exact same outfit. And yes, this dress is tricky! Shows everything. I bought the high waisted Spanx and tucked a cami into them and that pretty much worked, even though it's ridiculous. Or, I pin the top and go without a camisole, which is scandalous.

  3. Try the full slip strategy. I hate Spanx, and tights for that matter, because even at the manufacturer's recommended size they tend to cut into the soft tissue in the middle and make bulges. I saw someone post that she measured her waistline pre-and-post Spanx and it actually grew by an inch in the Spanx because, well, they push everything up and into the abdomen. Eep. I've switched over to a no-Spanx/slip approach and

  4. Oh, I AM wearing a full slip! And Spanx. And a camisole because it's too low-cut. I really need a black full slip so I can have that act as my camisole, but I still think Spanx are needed for me.

  5. apparently can't finish typing a comment because of it :)

  6. Wasn't loving it till you added the scarf. That seemed to tie together the tights and shoes. I have a couple of dresses like this and a full slip definitely helps. I feel sexy when I wear it too :)

  7. I like the look! I think a full slip is a necessity with clingy wrap dresses, and I learned it the hard way

  8. Yeah, totally digging it with the scarf. I love wrap dresses in heavier material. Check out eBay for deals on the classic Diane Von Furstenberg ones. My mom got one for me a long time ago and they're much thicker.

    Control top tights with the band places juuuuust right save me on drapey fabrics like this. Haven't tried Spanx yet!

  9. You look adorable in that!

    Spanx don't work for me -- they push everything to the front so it looks like I'm about 4 months pregnant. Dang. Where are the whalebone corsets of old? (I'm actually serious -- spandex is never going to work for me. I need inflexible materials to give the desired shape, if I'm going to bother with foundation garments in the first place. Uncomfortable, sure, but effective.)

    BTW -- Banana Republic right now has some GREAT plain camis (I bought three on Saturday), made of a slippery, stretchy material with a tiny subtle ribbon top and inch-wide adjustable grosgrain straps, and I cannot stop myself wearing them every single day. They work as a visible item or as foundation under thin/clingy fabrics -- love!

  10. Ooh, I've been eyeing those! The only thing that gives me a pause is the thick strap, because when you're wearing a bra, a full slip AND a cami that is a damn lot of strap going on.

    And just to be clear - I generally only wear Spanx tights, which I adore and swear by. They just tamp everything down all smooth. Love.

  11. Wow! You are a knockout in that dress. It really shows off your figure. And I love the classic trench over it. I didn't notice the line from the hem of your camisole until you mentioned it, but I really don't think it's that bad.

    I've seen this dress on the Banana Republic website a hundred times, and I never looked twice at it. I don't think their model has the body to really sell it. But now I will definitely have to try this dress on next time I get a coupon for Banana.

  12. i agree.. that dress is HORRIBLE. i read the same reviews and thought, oh wow! this dress is amazing. hah. bullshit! but, you make it work so wonderfully. and i love the scarf!

  13. You look great...yada the scarf...yada yada...OMG CUTE LITTLE ANIMAL!!!!!!


    Thanks for making me smile today.