Monday, October 4, 2010

Marianne: Grandpa Joe

I struggle with this dress, to be honest. There is something a little bit Victorian Nightgown about it, it's shapeless and the ecru color screams bed clothes. I recently sold the striped version of this dress, because I felt like Grandpa Joe from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in it. Not hot.

And yet, I keep it and try to wear it on occasion.

This is another good fall transition outfit, but half of the elements are just not quite right. I've held onto this jacket for years and lookee there, it's back in style. But there's a reason I never wear it. I wish it was an inch or two longer, and that it was belted. But, it's already in my closet. So.

The boots are fab, though. One of my long-ago investments and worth every penny. They are over 10 years old!

Still giving this bag a test run. I've figured out what I don't love about it: the straps are flimsy and come unbuckled, and the purse itself is deep and it's hard to find things. But I still just love the color. It's a pickle.
jacket: DKNY Jeans (similar here)
dress: Libertine for Target (similar here)
scarf: vintage (similar here)
bag: Campomaggi for anthropologie (similar here)
belt: anthropologie (similar here)
boots: Donna Karan (similar here)


  1. Could you dye the dress? Or is that more trouble than it's worth? Because by itself, it does look a little nightgown-y. But not with the stuff you added. I'm just thinking you might get a little more wear out of it if it were a different color.

  2. I had that dress and sold it because I couldn't find a single way to wear it that didn't look frumpy on me. Sad.

    One of my favorite fashion bloggers has it and she looks great. Maybe try this for inspiration? I uploaded the photo to my Photobucket account for you.


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