Thursday, October 14, 2010

Adrien: How Not to Shop

Did you get the email on Monday? The one from the Gap proclaiming that everything in-store was an extra 40%? One day only? Even sale stuff? Lord above. I couldn't go on my lunch break but I did have a small window after work (and before a spin class.) So, with only 30 minutes to spare, I did what you should never do: I panic shopped.

Don't do this. You know why? Because you will end up with two more striped shirts to add to your collection of striped shirts. I know, seriously, it's embarrassing. (They are cute, though.) The store was a nightmare of other panic shoppers and crying babies left to fend for themselves in their strollers, but I did manage to grab a handful of things to try on, tops being the easiest to manage. I somehow neglected the whole part of the store that was dresses, skirts and pants, though. Here's what I got:

Striped cowlneck T

Plus Tops by Gap at ShopStyle

Striped boatneck T

Plus Tops by Gap at ShopStyle

And I got this bag (but mine is bright-ass red):

I think the bag ended up being around $8 and the tops were each $11, so YEAH. But, I didn't really have time to try on things I actually needed, like work pants that actually fit me. Or tops without stripes on them.

I think I have a problem.


  1. Haha, I did exactly what you did...and I went not one times, but two--two different gaps on a day that I had no time for shopping and a huge project due the next day....but in the grand scheme of things, I like the stuff i got...I also picked up that cowlneck in the red/blue...and a great grey merino vneck sweater, and my favorite gapbody long sleeve stretchy tees, and the cutest coat for my lil one, and some other boring stuff--aah, I have a problem.

  2. Dang! How did I miss that sale?! I was in such a bad mood yesterday though that I probably would have shanked someone in the store if they got in my way.

  3. It was on Monday! I guess some kind of Columbus day thingy. Are you on the email list for Gap? That's how I found out.

    Alana, good work!

  4. I did the exact same thing. But I have a Gap card, so I got a whopping 45% off. I ended up with two pairs of jeans, and two pairs of City Flat shoes.