Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Adrien: I Heart Stripes.

This is my Monday outfit and it's a lot more structured than what I usually go for on a Monday, but I wanted to wear stripes and, well, you know how I get. Girl needs her stripes.

I really liked this outfit until I ruined it all with a cardigan. But seriously, what am I supposed to do? Freeze to death? This is Real Life Outfitting! We will all just have to advert our gaze from the messy frump this turned into when I introduced the cardigan. (Suggestions for alternatives?)

This has no explanation but it cracked me up. What the hell am I looking at? No idea.

top: Gap striped cowlneck
skirt: Ann Taylor (similar)
shoes: Clark Indigo Sylvie
cardigan: Talbots Charming Cardigan
bag: Juicy Couture (similar)


  1. I don't think the cardigan is that bad. In fact, I think it looks okay.

    Perhaps in that last photo you were thinking of something to wear other than a cardigan?

  2. How about a fitted denim jacket? I love my denim jacket and will wear it with anything!

  3. Oh, that would be good! Sadly, I can't wear denim at work. Otherwise, a good option. I don't actually have a denim jacket, so that's something to put on my list...

  4. May I please have your shoes? Thank you.

  5. I don't think the cardi is bad either but... what about that sweet asymmetrical jacket you have, or one of those jersey knit blazers out there, that are a bit less stiff?