Friday, October 1, 2010

Adrien: It's All About Perspective.

It's over! Today I can shop if I want to and OMG you guys, I WANT TO. Clearly I'm coming out of Shopping-Free September completely unrepentant. Sorry. It has made me really focus on what I want and what I actually need, instead of spending random scraps of money on random scraps of sale fodder that I don't actually need at all.

My friend Nina, who is the best shopper I know, was on a "shop-lite" this month as she made a very large (and fabulous) purchase in August. I emailed her about it:

Nina: I did really well on my shop-lite for Sept – I only spent $30 apart from the Frye boots at Clementine and re-ordering the leopard coat from Talbots w/ the 20% coupon. Which, okay, still adds up to about $375, but I am certain that I will get my $’s worth from the boots and coat for years to come. And I did sell two bags (which more than cover Sept purchases) and take a bunch of stuff to consignment this month.

Me: HHaaaaaaa. You redefine “shop-lite”.

Nina: Hey, $30 is pretty lite! Clearly 75% off Fryes that fit perfectly are in the list of Official Ban Exclusions, no?

Me: You mean $375. You are more delusional than me! But I love you for it.

Nina: No, I only had $30 in random purchases! The Fryes were exempt because they were such a magical find, and since I had already purchased (and returned) the leopard coat at full price the month before, that was exempt as well since it was really SAVING $ buy re-buying at 20% off. Duh.

Me: Sorry! When you put it like that it’s almost like you saved $345.

Nina: Exactly. You just need to learn how to do math correctly.

Got that? Forget New Math, it's all about Nina Math.

So, now that I'm able to purchase again, I need to focus on what I actually should buy. Here's what's tweaking me:

Blazers by J.Crew at ShopStyle
I saw this on a student and basically drooled on her until she told me where she got it. Extra cute in person.

Sunglasses by Marc by Marc Jacobs at ShopStyle
I'm still thinking about these, two months later. But is it dumb to buy sunglasses in October? I feel perhaps my money could be spent more wisely.

Day Dresses by Anthropologie at ShopStyle

This dress was amazing on, but is it too fancy for work? Hmm.  I'm going to the mall on my lunch break, so we shall see if anything calls my name. If nothing else, I feel like Shopping-Free September has taught me restraint? Maybe.


  1. Okay, I'm completely enabling you, but your eyes need protection from the sun year round. If you just so happen to use some really fabulous sunglasses to do it with, then all the better.

    That dress is gorgeous but does maybe look a little too fancy for work. Unless you have some dressy events like we do at our office?

  2. I agree about the sunglasses. Glare from snow makes everything unbearable.

  3. i saw this necklace and thought you might like it. i didn't make it, but it is a friend's etsy shop. :)

  4. I say buy the dreamy drape! I'm wearing mine into fall and absolutely loving it!