Friday, October 15, 2010

Marianne: Over Knee, Over 30

Ah, the over-knee sock. Every fall for the past few years, they make their appearance. And every fall I find myself in a fantasy, one where I have endlessly long and slender legs and endless occasions to romp around in chunky socks and my Hunter wellies and maybe a casually oversized flannel shirt.Then reality sets in. My legs are long, but they are not slender and I do not need to expose the flesh that lies a couple of inches above my knees. I am rapidly approaching my mid-30's and there isn't much of an excuse to dress like an aging school girl.
But then this Club Monaco capsule collection debuted on Shopbop and I was right back to my daydreams. So I got to thinking--is there a good way to wear this trend when you aren't a tiny young thing?

Is the solution wearing the socks over tights? This seems bulky but I found some pictures and don't completely hate the idea. However, don't get me started on the faded denim short shorts. Jesus. Today, I'm using one of the inspiration pictures I posted yesterday as a starting point. I love the navy sweater blazer they paired with the Fit and Flare dress (which is on sale for a steal, by the way), but I already have this ancient J. Crew sweater and with the collar turned up I can pretend it's similar. I think most of the time the socks just look like chunky tights, but I'm still not convinced that I don't look foolish.

I'm going to leave you with a couple of spreads from Refinery 29 that give a few more ideas. I already wear knee socks over skinny jeans to keep them tucked tight into boots, but I've never let the sock peek out the top. Thoughts on this or other takes on the trend?


  1. I don't know. I see other people with their socks sticking out over their boots and it looks really, really cute. Once my new boots get here I might try it just to see. I think you look adorable, but your legs look a lot skinnier than mine. I recently realized that the portion of my leg that shows when I wear a skirt and boots with no tights is probably THE most unattractive part of my leg, so this might just solve my problem.

  2. I think you look adorable, too. As you know I struggle with issues of age and when to shun certain looks. I particularly love the grey skirt/sock combo above. However, since I'm only 5'4" I think that would overpower me. I'd probably for for a shorter sock, slightly longer skirt.

  3. You look great! With a longer skirt, it works. There's no way I would rock it with a short skirt at 31.

    For below the knee socks, trouser socks are great! They super cheap and come in cute patterns, sheer, etc.

  4. Yes to over-knee socks and knee-high boots, no matter your age, I think. No to over-knee socks and any other kind of shoe. My aesthetic is overwhelmingly practical, though, so I ought not to be trusted.

  5. Thanks, guys! It looks better in the pictures than I imagined, so I guess I'll keep trying.