Friday, October 29, 2010

Marianne: Halloween inspiration.

Well, it's that time of year again. To paraphrase Sue Sylvester, when little boys dress like girls and little girls dress like whores. I have to say, since I had a kid I really could not give two flips about dressing up myself, but this year we're having a little kiddo party, so I need a simple, comfortable costume. I'm going with a variation of this one, originally spotted on Design Mom:
The mushroom costume works with Lulu's garden gnome theme. I put the finishing touches on her costume last night, but you'll have to wait until November 1st to see it. What about you? Are you dressing up? Do you like to make your or your kids costumes, or do you go the store bought route?


  1. As you know, I would *much* prefer to make my kids', but alas, they only want the store bought.

    BUT, I will have you know that Oliver won best book character costume for the ENTIRE second grade yesterday for the viking costume I made! (polishes fingernails on her lapel)

  2. Love the mushroom/garden gnome pairing. Going the deer route this year, need a costume that I can wear at work and not interfere. So the antlers/ears are store bought, but the rest is home made.