Thursday, June 16, 2011

Adrien: Banana Republic is a bad boyfriend.

I thought I was out, done. Completely over Banana Republic. And then I wandered in one day recently with Nina and stumbled across what looked like perfect jeans on the sale rack - plain dark denim, no whiskers, mid-rise, slight bootcut. Hmm. Against my better judgment, I decided to try them on.

A while back when BR revamped their denim line I remember trying on a lot of the new styles in several different sizes and nearly dry-heaving from horror at how awful they all looked on me. AWFUL. And the sizing was all wonky and NO. I cannot do this anymore! I broke up with Banana Republic.

But, these jeans, damn. I might just have to started dating BR again because I think they're all kinds of great and they ended up costing next to nothing. They look exactly like J Brands to me, or at least, what I'd imagine J Brands would look like on me if I could get them past my ass.

Check it:

Wanna see the top?

Yay for mid-rise:


Stella also looks good from the back:

jeans: Banana Republic dark wash boot-cut (but they cost less in-store)
top: Ann Taylor


  1. Um, and Well Done, Your Ass, I guess, as well.

  2. Wow. Those jeans are perfect on you. Also, lol at the double back shots of you and Stella.

  3. Ha, thanks y'all! I didn't realize Stella was turned that way until I looked at the photos. She's a ham.

  4. Those jeans really are perfect. Damn you BR, and your on-again, off-again greatness. I need to try these on. Also, the picture of you and Stella posing together is cracking me up.

  5. Those jeans look great on you. It goes to show you how overpriced designer jeans are. I can't stomach paying $200 for jeans. It's truly insane.
    Love the photo of you and your cat. So cute!

  6. LOVE those. Aren't a great-fitting pair of jeans magical creatures? Even better when they're not a squillion dollars.

  7. The remind me of a pair of Jeans I had from the Gap that I lovingly referred to as my Hallelujah jeans -- as in, hallelujah I finally found a pair of jeans I love. I'll probably wait til fall to invest in any jeans, but I'll probably check these out. If they make my ass look as good as yours does, I'd pay just about anything for them!

  8. I think I paid $35! They had an additional percentage off in-store.

    For anyone who goes looking: even though the pair I linked looks completely identical, the tags on my pair didn't say anything about being a "curvy" cut.

  9. Those are really the perfect jeans! They look like they were made just for you. I thought I had found true love in Gap's Long & Lean line a couple years ago but they've since revamped them, causing me to say goodbye. Now I think my Target jeans are my favorite (but also discontinued, of course).

  10. Stella butt!
    They do have that clean JBrand look! My first pair of JBrands were perfect and then I got some super skinnies and well, they just ride too low. I'm too old (and squishy) for that now.
    This is a great pair of jeans!

  11. They really do look great. How was the makeup sex? (Is that too forward from my very first comment on your blog...perhaps.)


  12. We just started dating again! Plus, they need to be hemmed, so.


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