Thursday, June 9, 2011

We Save You $300. You're Welcome.


M: And the dress and the tights and do I need red hair maybe I think so?

A: I think that picture is from an old catalog, alas! WHY.

M: Of course it is. If it was current it would be covered in beshitted ruffles.

A: YOU ARE RIGHT. I can't tell you how sick of ruffles I am. They are ruining my life.

M: I honestly don't mind the occasional ruffle, but the general marketplace is saturated now. I'm even more sick of the twee and cutesy out there. I mean:

Day Dresses by Anthropologie at ShopStyle

That said, I love this and would gladly pay the $48 it's worth:

Day Dresses by Anthropologie at ShopStyle

A: Oh, I like that second one a lot! But you know, stripes. I'm still not sick of them. I also love this:

Tanks by Anthropologie at ShopStyle

but don't want to pay $68 for it. Ugh.

A: Also, I am confused by this:

Tunics by Anthropologie at ShopStyle

Was there a horrible mishap at the factory?

M: It was tragic. The day of the pinched tunic shall live on in infamy.

A: Wait! We can pretend it's deliberate! They'll never know the difference!

This? Is plain hurting my feelings:

Day Dresses by Anthropologie at ShopStyle

M: Ruffles AND Smocking AND Grosgrain ribbon AND Ditsy Florals! We have a winner, folks. For the overgrown toddler in all of us.

A: Right? It's just offensive. AND OH MY GOD THE PRICE.

M: Hey, Internets, I just saved you $300:

Day Dresses by Forever 21 at ShopStyle

A: Ha! Take that, Anthro.


  1. Ehhh the old Anthro is a 1000 X better than the current stuff. So sad!!

  2. That first pic is perfection!
    What is with the ruffles! My god the ruffles! So over it!
    And yeah, can't see myself spending $68 on a tank top, even a super cute one.

  3. I've been on an Anthro sale spree about the DC region. I've been traveling (work and personal) and have managed to stop at 3 different stores while their tag sale is going on. They have racks and racks of sale stuff out front and the whole back room full and still I have managed to buy one pair of shoes, and one t-shirt from the DC-area stores, because even on sale the stuff is bad quality (sheer!) or still too expensive, or just not versatile enough for my real life. I don't need event clothing that I can just wear once. The $300 toddler dress makes the $68 top seem reasonable though.

  4. The last time I was there I struggled to find one thing to try on. I used to want the entire store.

  5. Every time I look at that striped pinched tunic, it reminds me of a shirt getting caught in someone's underwear. Not a good look.

  6. I think the first picture is from Anthro, like a few seasons back. You can always tell their lighting style, especially for Fall.