Monday, June 6, 2011

Marianne: Pillar of Salt.

Y'all, I have SUCH a story to go with these jeans, and I'm not sure I have it in me to tell it. Let's just say it ended with me being sure that if they ever actually came into my possession I would surely end up turning into a pillar of salt or some equally Biblical Disastrous outcome. But I got them, and they are good. They are comfortably high waisted and really soft and lightweight. Great jeans for summer. Thanks to strategic use of gift cards and my 15% birthday discount, I paid all of $9 for them, to boot. Almost makes them worth the trouble. Almost.

Jeans: AG "Farrah" Flares
Top: Tommy Hilfiger (super old)
Clogs: Miz Mooz Rain Clog
Scarf: Echo
cuff: Target (woven version here)


  1. Oh, they look great on you! Too bad you released a plague to get them.

  2. Adrien, notice I left out the part about my house being infested with millipedes.

  3. They were totally worth it! They make your butt look fantastic!

  4. They look great! I love the outfit! So easy and chic.

  5. When I read you wanted those jeans I thought, she's going to look just like '77 Dharma Initiative Kate Austen ... and you do! Super cute.