Monday, June 27, 2011

Shorty, Take Two.

Alright, first of all, I feel like my original shorts post should have had the following disclaimer:

I just threw the shorts on so I could get an opinion on them! I am not actually styling them! Nor asking for a critique of my outfit because it wasn't really an outfit! 

However, I do realize that what we mostly post on this blog are outfits, so it's not really surprising that I got so many suggestions on why mine wasn't working and what I should do to fix it. I can take it! And in retrospect I probably should've posted the shorts in the context of how I'd actually wear them - with a summery top, flat sandals, and a small weekend bag, while contemplating a cat:

Also! I realized the shorts look really great with my green sandals, so I tried that too and I think it looks cute:

Maybe sort of tucked in?

Eh, maybe not.

Does that make more sense? PLEASE OMG SAY YES.


  1. I love the second outfit. The blue really make the shorts stand out nicely. While I'm sure it's a comfortable outfit and fairly easy to throw on, the coordinating colors make it super pulled together.

  2. This is a total shorts win, in my opinion. Both outfits are great. I have the hardest time with shorts... something about the rise and my tallness maybe?

  3. You look extra-great.

    I (never had and also now) have no styling improvements to suggest.

  4. Two thumbs up on the outfits. Sorry, I was one of those that critiqued the "non-outfit" when you first showed us your new shorts. But I like both of the outfits in this post. And I think I prefer when the top is not tucked in. Cute!

  5. I can personally attest to the adorableness of the shorts in person! Super cute!

    I love both outfits and the green shoes are killer with them!

    Omg tucking in tops drives me insane!

  6. Love both outfits, especially the one with the blue!

  7. THE SECOND OUTFIT! Untucked! Loveeee!

  8. Thanks! The second one is what I wore (more or less) last Saturday. I have such issues with tucking.

  9. I love the slight heel with the shorts-you have cute legs and the heels and shorts show em off!! :)

  10. With these shorts, I'd suggest untucked shirts-both the super cute white one and the fantastic blue one.


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