Friday, June 24, 2011

Marianne: Sassy, apparently.

It all started on my coffee run. Our power was out (again), so I ran into Starbucks to grab some coffee and when I opened the door, a friend was coming out with her daughter, and she exclaimed, "Oh, you are fancy!"
Then someone called me sassy in the parking garage at work. That word was repeated 5 more times, by different people throughout the day. I was sassy, y'all.

What's so sassy, I ask you? My bet is on the shirt. This shirt is so exuberantly ruffled that I think last time I wore it I said that it felt like it was eating my head. But the color is so wonderful. I've never known quite what to wear it with, but it turns out this navy skirt (bought on consignment for $8) is perfect.

My only quibbles are that both the top...
...and the skirt are a little big. Oh well. Room for pie.
The shoes and my new neon pedicure are pretty sassy too.

I love the little buttons on this skirt.
For those that like my bracelet, I just followed the great DIY here at Honestly...WTF. I am making a different version this weekend, I just love it.
Sorry for the photo-heavy post, but I liked this one! It's been a long time since an outfit garnered this many compliments.

top: Forever 21 (similar here)
skirt: Nautica (similar here)
bracelet: handmade by me
shoes: Marc by Marc Jacobs (another camel platform here)


  1. That is a totally cute outfit!

    Shirts are often big on me in the same place. I usually have to have them tailored. Such a pain!

  2. Look look so cute! And oh LORD, do I love that pedicure.

  3. I love the word sassy, first of all. And you look adorable! Yay for fun summer pedicures.

  4. teehee at "room for pie." Amen!

    The pinstripes on that skirt are a great little detail! Thanks for the close-up.

  5. Love the outfit- the colors are great on you! DIY points too :)