Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It Depends.

M: Whoa.

A: NO.

M: Is that a drop crotch or is she...all smooth down there?

A: Smooth. Like a Barbie. But seriously, is she on drugs?

M: Seal looks concerned. I get the feeling this does not look good from the back (shout out!).

A: What kind of acrobatics would you have to do if you were wearing this and had to pee? It's worrisome on a lot of levels.

M: Maybe she is wearing a diaper!


M: I am just saying, it would explain a lot.

A: Can we talk about Seal now, and not how her sunglasses look like something she traded in Skee-ball tickets for?

M: Seal is working that t-shirt.

A: He is working every part of everything on his...yeah.

M: I am trying to ignore his gold coin necklaces and bracelets. I mean, he's Seal. And his formerly hot wife is probably wearing a diaper.

A: It is a very sad time for him.


  1. I cringe every time I see a romper for a grown woman in a store. If Heidi can't pull it off, no one can.

  2. Oh my God, at first I didn't understand. That is Heidi and not a random fashion-confused woman! Don't you think it gives the rest of us hope?

  3. I KNOW. It does give one hope, it really does.

  4. It doesn't even look comfortable.

    If you're going to wear something hideous, it should at least be comfortable.

  5. Lordy! Wasn't expecting to see our lil' fashion Gretel looking so dumpy. Yipes. Excuse the pun.

  6. I just about peed my pants laughing while looking at this pic - and I am not wearing a diaper! Yikes!

  7. Lara, I TOLD YOU.

    It really does kind of look like she's wearing a diaper.

  8. yikes! this is almost as bad as that unfortunate bob she had. i can't wait to show this to my husband -- she's #1 on his list.


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