Friday, June 24, 2011

Beckham Syndrome.

A: This is completely cray-cray but I love it:

A: I covet that Marc Jacobs bag. The little gold frog!

M: I was about to email this to you. It's a bit Red Hat Society but so FUN.

A: Hee, the purple/red combo!

M: They are some fun ladies:

A: I'm sure they are, but I'm a little mad they totally co-opted one of my favorite color combinations.

M: Take back the purple and red! Do it!

A: The last time I wore my red coat with a purple scarf I got made fun off. I AM STILL MAD. And oh my god, that frog bag! I love it so so hard.

M: The frog bag is pretty darn cute. Ooh, it comes in a really nice teal!

A: Victoria Beckham loves it too:

M: And lilac gloves! Red Hats represent!

A: Or...maybe they're a cult like the Scientologists and just quietly trying to recruit us?

M: That's my kind of brainwashing.

A: I have to say, if you're going to recruit me for something, Marc Jacobs and Victoria Beckham is definitely the way to go.

M: Throw in a little Tyler Kitsch and I'll basically rob a bank for you.

A: You want me to do what? And Victoria Beckham will be there? Okay.

M:  "But Tyler, what's a drug mule? Oh, whatever!"

A: "Victoria, that sounds illegal! What? Quilted Little Stam? When do I start?"

M: I am pretty sure I just agreed to give Victoria Beckham both of my kidneys in exchange for eyeliner tips.

A: OMG, MARIANNE. You will look so so so pretty!

M: I know, right? Who needs kidneys?? Well, other than Victoria. I think she is making a face cream out of them.

A: I would totally buy that face cream.

M: Oh, me too. Yup, wearing face cream made out of my own kidneys.

I'm sorry, this just got weird, even for us.

A: Time for a drink, perhaps?

M: Ah, bottle of gin, my old friend. Want a spot under my hobo blanket?

A: As long as there's no harmonica.


  1. When the hubby and I last went to London we ran into a contingent of Red Hat Ladies from New York. We were at Afternoon Tea at the Ritz and instead of my lovely London experience we were subjected to New York, New York by the piano player because of those crazy Red Hats.

    They know no bounds!

  2. I just bought a red dress with a purple shadow print. Represent!

  3. Sigh. Taylor Kitsch. Clear eyes, full hearts...