Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Adrien: Sandal Envy.

I am feeling the need for new shoes, specifically, new spring sandals to go with my Issa dress. I went to the mall last weekend and scoured Nordstrom, Dillards, Macys, Saxon Shoes (a local store of insanity) and a few other places. I came away empty-handed and frustrated. I saw a few cute styles, but not in the colors I wanted and most of the really cute ones were too high for all-day wearing. I don't mind a heel, but I don't want to be hobbling at the end of the day, you know? Ugh.

I've been envious of Marianne's Miz Mooz Hazel sandals since she bought them last year, so I went to investigate what they might have now that's similar. The first one that made me gasp - the Hype sandal. I am loving the clog-y feel and the buckle:

Mules & Clogs by Miz Mooz at ShopStyle

I also love the similar Renee sandal:

Sandals by Miz Mooz at ShopStyle

The Heather is also in the same family and very tempting:

Teen Girls' Clothes by Miz Mooz at ShopStyle

And dang, how cute is the Lyla wedge? Red! Probably too high for me, but I love:

Wedges by Miz Mooz at ShopStyle

And the Yvonne wedge in green, which looks a bit more manageable, height-wise:

Wedges by Miz Mooz at ShopStyle

Ahh! So many good possibilities. Now I'm confused.


  1. For practicality's sake, the top shoe.
    My fave is the high wedge but that green is gorgeous color. Okay, I'm confused now too!

  2. I gravitate more toward the wedges than the clog-like sandals but that's just my personal style. I'm really bummed that all the wedges I'm seeing for sale are nearly 5 inches high! I'm 5'10" and like being tall but I don't want to be 6'3". And I love wedges so it's very frustrating. I think both the red and the green wedges are really cute but I'd prefer to have a wedge under 3 inches.

  3. I'm STILL confused. I wish the Nordstrom here carried this brand so I could try them on first.

  4. Love the Heather sandal! Endless.com carries Miz Mooz and offers free shipping & returns. Maybe order a couple styles and keep your fave? I've found they run true to size and are really comfortable. Good luck deciding!

  5. Excited to see what you end up getting 'cause they're all pretty dang lovely kicks.

  6. I've tried the Hype, Heather and Renee - Renee is the cutest on my foot, runs a 1/2 larger than the others and is out of stock in red in my size EVERYWHERE. Tears were shed.

  7. Update: I took Julie's advice and ordered the Hype in green and the Heather in ice. We shall see which one wins.

    (Anony: I wasn't ignoring your Renee love, I ordered before your comment.)

  8. You should try Target. I bought the best platform/wedge/buckle sandals there last month. I tried to find them on their website, but no luck. You can see them here if you're interested...feel free to laugh at me...

  9. Oh, those ARE cute! Do they come in other colors? I'm trying really hard to not buy more black shoes. (Hope your ass feels better!)

  10. Ok, found them.

    Mine are actually chocolate color, but they do have tan as well. I went back and forth with the two, and I already had tan sandals, so....



    For $25 you can't go wrong. Just be careful when operating prescription meds.

  11. Oh, those are CUTE. But I just got my Miz Mooz! Ahh...