Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Adrien: Spring Inspiration. Or...not.

I subscribe to the following: Lucky, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar. I've been less fond of Lucky since the editorial change over, I find Harper's Bazaar pretty but boring as shit to read, and Vogue has the BEST photo editorials but oh my God, the articles are completely ass-kissy. (How am I only just now realizing this?)

So, spring inspiration has been a little hard to come by and I thought maybe a stroll through some stores would help. First I went to Anthropologie and struggled to find anything to try on and I was there for an hour. All adorable, it's just not me anymore. I finally found this and it's so cute on the hanger...

Skirts by Anthropologie at ShopStyle tragic on me. I do like it quite a lot, I just wish it actually fit. I also tried on these because YELLOW:

Mules & Clogs by Anthropologie at ShopStyle

And they are beastly. So uncomfortable. I'd walked through Saks earlier (to get to Anthropologie! I swear.) and wouldn't let myself look too closely at the clothing but oh, the colors were great! Lots of saturated colors and good prints. I also saw this which I don't need at all but I want A LOT:

Makeup & Travel Bags by Tory Burch at ShopStyle

I also noticed a lot of small, bright crossbody bags:

Shoulder Bags by Kate Spade at ShopStyle

Clutches by Marc by Marc Jacobs at ShopStyle

(Which makes me even happier that I fought so hard to get Saks to deliver on our Percys.)

I did a quick spin through Gap (meh) and then stopped by Banana Republic.

Oh my God.

People? It is TRAGIC UP IN THERE. I want to find the person who greenlighted that mess and punch her (him?) right in the nose. Everything. Is Ruffled. Everything. Also: the color of sadness is the offical BR Palette of Spring. They really don't want me to buy things ever again, I guess. Please observe:


Day Dresses by Banana Republic at ShopStyle

Seriously, what the crap is this:

Day Dresses by Banana Republic at ShopStyle

There are no words:

Skirts by Banana Republic at ShopStyle

This makes me want to DIE:

Shortsleeve Tops by Banana Republic at ShopStyle

Now I'm just mad.


  1. But you're so funny when you get all ragey! That skirt is seriously more confusing than the leopard shorts.

  2. everything looks like maternity wear right now at BR

  3. First of all, totally agree with your assessments of Lucky and Vogue. I still love the concept of Lucky, but this new EIC is questionable. And considering the rep that Anna Wintour has for being a bitch, she is so rarely critical in the mag. I guess the bitchiness comes in the form of just ignoring people/designers she doesn't like. Oh, and omg could they give any more editorial space to McQueen? I don't think so.

    Also, BR has been a major disappointment for a good two years now. I just got a couple of basic tees and a pencil skirt there, but it used to be my go-to for pretty tops. Notsomuch anymore. Sigh.

  4. So glad I am not the only one who has bought nothing from BR in years...used to be my go to store for beautiful jackets, skirts, tops...what has happened to them???

  5. Frustrating shopping trips are the worst! You WANT to give them your money and they offer you crap.

    This is why I mainly buy throwaway basics and live in tees and skinnies most of the time! If I had to dress for work I would lose my mind!
    That BR stuff is pitiful.
    Love that yellow bag though!!!

  6. That grey dress from BR is just awful.

  7. BR has just gone wrong, all wrong. I get their surveys and, in the last one, they asked me to pick which top I liked best. I told them it was all ugly and I wouldn't be caught dead in anything from their collection. They haven't bothered to ugly up their mens' stuff yet.

  8. Lol, I love this. Though...I'm very sad that the anthro skirt didn't work out. It is VERY cute.


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