Friday, April 22, 2011

Dead Man Shoe Store.

Nearly every time I visit Marianne in Knoxville we go to this funny shoe store that we've taken to calling "The Dead Man Shoe Store" because some of the shoes look worn. Not, like, store-display worn, but WORN. I think Marianne posted a bit about it in this entry when she bought boots with two different heels sizes. Most  of the shoes are old stock and some are Nordstrom returns. (And you know Nordstrom will take anything back.) You have to look stuff over pretty carefully, but I always find something good.

The store is pretty basic, just shelves and shelves of shoes any old which way:

Look, there's Marianne giving me The Face:

She found cute studded sandals to try on:

I apparently was only attracted by shiny metallics and weird old-lady flats:

So so cute but too wide on Marianne's narrow feet:

We narrowed it down to these:

Marianne ended up buying the gorgeous blue sandals on the far right and I got the gold pair in the middle (which I actually already own but my old pair is worn out.)


  1. Nice! Cute blue shoes are really hard to find.

  2. OOooh, this makes me wanna go thrifting. Desperately~

  3. The great thing about this place is they will repair -- for FREE -- any problem or defect that may arise during the life of the shoe. I once pointed out a faulty zipper that was keeping me from committing to a pair of boots, and the owner had it perfectly patched within 48 hours.