Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Marianne: Saggy Pants Blues.

I think it is almost time to say goodbye to my favorite pair of jeans (or at least banish them to the early maternity/postpartum fat pants bin).
I told myself that maybe the band at the bottom of this shirt would help hold them up. I was wrong. So wrong.
In fact, even as I am standing totally still in these photos, I swear you can see them inching down.
Farewell, excellent jeans. I will miss you.

jeans: Rock & Republic
shirt: Ella Moss
jacket: Marc Jacobs
necklace: Diana Warner
shoes: Frye Lisa T-Strap

Do you have an item of clothing that you keep trying to wear, even though it doesn't fit? Fess up.


  1. I keep trying to wear clothes that are getting too tight, unfortunately. :( If you sell those, I might be interested.

  2. I feel your pain on that as well. I seem to be right between some of the sizes in my closet. I will think about it, but I am seriously attached to these jeans! I am going to start hunting for a pair in the next size down.

  3. yup, gaining weight and squeezing into my jeans. As soon as they've stretched perfectly, it's time to wash em.

    Congrats on the saggy pants!

  4. I am wearing the same "favorite" pair of jeans but sadly they have been washed and dried so many times they don't look as "nice" any more. . . I need to get a new pair! Other than that, I don't tend to get too attached to my clothes. I have a very short attention span with them. Usually only a season or two!

  5. Yea, and like you, it's my jeans. In my defense, I did just take them to the tailor to get the waist taken in, a relatively inexpensive fix for these horribly expensive designer jeans. A tailor can also take the legs in a bit once they get too baggy.


  6. Marianne! That is a good point - have you thought about getting them tailored? I good pair of jeans is hard to find.

  7. I did consider that but for some reason I'm having trouble biting the bullet. I want to have another kid at some point and these were a lifesaver in early pregnancy, so I'm thinking I'll leave them as is until after that point, and then maybe take them in. The waist is way too loose but the butt and legs are baggy, too.

  8. I get sentimentally attached to jeans pretty easily, so I really hate when they stop fitting me. Damn jeans. But I thought I should let you know how pretty you look in orange.