Thursday, April 28, 2011

Only in the Pictures.

Okay, remember this?

M: How do people get their sleeves all perfectly pushed up like in that picture you linked to? It seems the second you move or unbend your arms it would mess up. Is it just one of those things that only works in the world of still photography?

A: I have no idea.

M: I want to see a real person pull this off without constantly having to adjust the sleeves. I think that person should be you.

A: Oh jesus, that looks hard.



So, this is my starting point. I want to say that I think this might be my favorite outfit, like, ever.

I start pushing:

I keep a-pushing. So much pushing:

OW. This is me being mad because the circulation is being cut off in both my arms:

Success! My fingers are turning blue, but I did it:

Now I must try to copy the photo exactly:

Notice that my right sleeve is already falling down. I think you have to have bony sparrow arms to really pull this off. Even still: Not comfy.

Marianne seems to have had much less trouble. Look how effortless:

And her fingers aren't even blue! Ugh. But, the comment that accompanied the photo: "Those sleeves won't stay pushed up for shit."

This is what she ended up wearing that day:

Conclusion: Those fashion photos are big fat liars.


  1. You at least tried to get your sleeves above your elbow, like the original. I just gave up.

  2. Recently tried to wear a blazer with the sleeves pushed up. Yup. Lasted about two minutes. Blazer with sleeves not pushed up was pretty cute though.

  3. I always wondered about circulation too! It looks cute on both of you.
    I'm a roller of my blazer sleeves. Love when the satin lining shows!

  4. There's too much chic in this post. I can't take it.

  5. I know, so fab. Marianne your legs are like a miiiiilllle long.

  6. love this outfit, so my style x