Saturday, April 30, 2011

Viscountess of Vulva

A: I keep looking at this and cracking up:

M: Seriously, you know those bitches know how to party.

A: They are going to be doing keg stands in those hats.

M: I'm pretty sure Beatrice's doubles as a bottle opener or beer bong of some sort. Eugenie will CUT YOU, however.

A: You do NOT want to get between that girl and her Jager, trust me. Bee can open a sixpack of long necks with that hat.

M: I think they would be really fun. I bet they have all the good gossip, too.

Also, I think Philip Treacy is going through his Vulva Period.

A: You are killing me.

M: I'm just saying:

A: Wow, yeah, there definitely seems to be a... theme there.

M: What is he, a freshman Fine Arts major?

A: Yes, one who just discovered Georgia O'Keefe.

M: He just really likes flowers, OKAY?

M: Hmmmm...

I think we are on to something.

A: Goodness.

M: Sigh. Now I'm all sad that I'm not in any sort of Royal Family. Tell me, how is that fair?

A: I KNOW. I want to get invited to the kind of weddings that require vulva hats and the Beckhams.

M: Me too! And just one tiara. One! And maybe a lady in waiting.

A: Well, and I want to ride in a carriage with Prince Harry. I DON'T THINK IT'S TOO MUCH TO ASK.

M: Really, you're being quite reasonable.

A: So are you. I think we'd make great royalty.

M: I would say "Duh", but that's not ladylike.

A: * curtsy*

M: *curtsy back*


  1. Holy Schnipies, someone find me that green hat *RIGHT NOW*.

  2. I am getting shades of Khloe Kardashian (plus vulva hat) in that photo of Eugenie.

  3. I can't believe these hats- I usually find there's a sense of humourous irony in the wearer's faces, but I guess since such a high-pomp ceremony brings out even wilder styles...absolutely floored by Bea's...

  4. LOL. i have nothing to say!! in between gigglefits, i *love* beatrice's hat. it is both hideous and magnificent.

  5. I just realized today that Beatrice is Fergie's daughter! Oh that makes it even better!
    Most of the clothes are pretty staid so, I'm all about the hats!