Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hot Hotness.

M: I want everyone on The Shobbit to shut up. Except for maybe the old man eating an ice cream cone.

A: Yeah, and maybe Horse Tattoo Guy. Remember him? I LIKED HIM.

M: YES! Why is everyone all angular and hateful right now?

A: Hi, I'm wearing a jaunty hat:

photo: Sartorialist

A: And ruining an otherwise adorable outfit with this sweater I found shoved under the seat of my grandfather's Buick

M: What do you think she has shoved in those pockets? A lifetime collection of fingernail clippings?

A: Well, she has to put that hair she pulls out of her hairbrush somewhere. I do love love love her shoes. I think they're ChloĆ©.

M: The shoes are wonderful. The bag is cute. And the skirt is interesting. So why do I kind of dislike her on the spot? I wonder if I have any outfits that make people instantly dislike me?

A: She has a bitch face, that's why. Also, she is VERY AWARE that she's being photographed. Pose much?

M: I kind of wish that the cab door would swing open and knock her down. Just a little. Okay, a lot.

A: If that happens, I'll grab her shoes, you get the bag. Then we run.

M: Oh, you are ON.

A: She looks like like we could tip her right over. I really just DO NOT UNDERSTAND the cardigan! It is  filed under: Drinking Gin in a Tent.

M: Yes or: Woke Up In A Shallow Grave.

A: Um, ew. But yes. The hat is also an issue for me. But I like the rest so much! The knee socks, even!

M: I genuinely like (most of) this outfit. But it's making my head hurt.

A: It's the smug and smirky getting to you. It has to take a good deal of work to find SO MANY fashionably smug jerks to photograph.

A: But ooooh, buddy:

photo: Sartorialist

A: He is so everything I like all at once. I am pretty sure the venti iced tea is for me.

M: There there. That's better. I think we should start a Hot Men With Hotness street fashion blog.



  1. She looks like Olive Oyl. I do not approve.

  2. That beautiful man gets extra points if he's a ginger! wow! I hope that's MY venti iced tea.

  3. Oh, he IS. Click the photo for enhanced hotness. And get your hands off my iced tea.

  4. That hot man has freckled forearms which is A THING with me. HOT!!

    And Lara is dead on. That's Olive Oyl after she left Popeye and got a job in the city.

  5. That looks like a LOT of cream in that coffee. I mean, did he even want coffee? Or coffee- spiked cream?

    I'm just sayin.

    I am trying my best not to make a dirty joke about the horse on his arm. Since this isn't my blog, I will refrain. But yes...he's hot. Ahem.

  6. Olive Oyl doesn't bother me like the pinhead model on a bike with no helmet that everyone was swooning over there. Seriously, she had the teeniest head but since she was tall and was skeletal, people were in LOVE.

  7. Okay - Love the shoes and bag, but everything else screams BAG LADY to me. Sorry....

    I AM kinda digging the hottie with the coffee. I typically like my men with a little more color (my hubby is Hispanic), but this lavender-clad lovely reminds me of an old high school flame. **sigh**