Monday, April 25, 2011

Marianne: My Magic Dress.

Hey guys! I promise I didn't fall down and hit my head and forget about this here blog after Adrien left last weekend. It turns out that my internet was so sad after she went back home that it had nothing left to live for. It's been out all week and my provider finally rewired everything all the way down to the street, on Easter Sunday no less. So hi! I'm back! And I'm wearing a really pretty dress.
Now, granted, it wasn't $12, but this Diane Von Furstenberg vintage reissue wrap dress was still an amazing deal at one of my favorite local consignment shops. It fit like a dream and it's my favorite color.
But damn, is it ever low cut. When I came out of the fitting room to show Adrien, the woman in line behind her actually said some very nice things to her about my chest, so I kissed her right on the mouth and bought it immediately. It's nothing a camisole can't fix.
The shoes are the ones Adrien mentioned here, and they are a perfect blue that falls somewhere in between cobalt and navy. So many wedges right now are way too tall for me, and these fall right under 3 inches, and they are ridiculously comfortable. It's kind of refreshing to own some clean, classic sandals in an unexpected color.
dress: Diane Von Furstenberg (similar here)
camisole: Eloise
sandals: Ralph Lauren


  1. Love this!

    Wrap dresses are the best! You look so pulled together and yet they're the easiest things in the world!


  2. Oh so pretty! Love the colour of the dress and the sandals. :)

  3. Beautiful dress on you! The color is really great with your hair and skintone. And deals on DVF are the best!