Monday, April 25, 2011


M: Forget Tim Riggins:

The Man Repeller is my Spirit Animal:

She maketh me want flares something awful. What?

A: She makes me want to be her best friend! I don't know about flares, but I think Man Repeller would be awesome to hang out with. She'd have me wearing harem pants in about half an hour.

M: I mean, I don't like flares really. And yet, I see them on her, and I want them. I want that whole damn outfit, especially the shoes.

But mostly I want to be her friend, yes. I want to drink Bad Idea cocktails and do each other's makeup and make fun of people.

A: I just want to try on all her crazy shoes. Like THESE:

"My little pony goes drag" might be the best description of anything ever. EVER.

M: For real. You'd be in harem pants and I'd be in a unitard and studded collar and we would be so HAPPY.

A: We would! I think it would be refreshing. And no man on earth would come anywhere near us, which I think is the point.

M: Can I talk about her hair without being creepy(er)? Because I've never colored my hair and I always thought ombre was a little hipster fashiony for me, but now I WANT.

A: It's not a look for mere mortals, Marianne.

M: I know, I'm always wanting to chop my hair like French Girls:

or go all crazy ombre, but Adrien, I live in Tennessee. Colored tights and mixing black and brown are edgy.

A: I think you could totally pull off that haircut! But ombre is best left to the professionals. I am kind of of relieved to live in a place where trends are slow to catch on and slow to die. It gives one's wardrobe longevity (especially if all one wears is breton stripes and animal print.)

M: If I cut my hair I'll do nothing but bitch about it for the year it takes to grow back out. I am a hopeless case.

And I mostly like that, but sometimes people give me the side-eye and I'm all MUSTARD TIGHTS ARE NOT WEIRD OMG. Ahem. Sorry about that.

A: Those people are stupid. And OH MY GOD DO NOT CUT YOUR HAIR. You will steal my "I hate my hair" thunder.

M: I am getting a haircut tomorrow, but it's guaranteed to look pretty much the same as ever.

A: Your hair is currently not Man-Repellant at all. But, you know, if pretty is what you're going for... it's a choice.

M: It is my cross to bear.

A: You are so brave.


  1. Do you guys still have some old flares in your closet? I held onto a few dark pairs but I doubt I can squeeze my ass into them now. Ugh! I really love the look with wedge heels.

  2. Lara, if I did there is NO WAY they'd still fit me! I love some bootcut but was never a huge fan of flares. It'll take me a while to really warm up to their new-found popularity (at which point they're probably be over.)

  3. hee, this repartee was totally worthy of the fug girls. I adore the man repeller- she's so cute.

  4. Lara, I also only had bootcut jeans, but never flares. I don't know if I can' actually pull them off, but she makes me want to try, damn it.

  5. Let's toterly be friends you crazy culottes <3


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