Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hot Hotness, Part Two.

A: Not even here?

M: NO.

A: Dammit.

M: I spent a lot of time looking at his pictures last night and NO NO NO.

Also, of course you follow a Daniel Craig tumblr.

A: Hush. It's awesome. Okay, what about him?

source: Sartorialist


A: So pretty.

M: I bet he smells like nutmeg and tobacco. Not smoke, mind you, tobacco.

A: That smile? Is because of a text I just sent him.

M: Sorry, I just need to brush that lock of hair out of his eyes. And touch his chest hair. And lick him.


A: His suit is really nice, not that I really care about his suit. Hold on, I just got a text back from him...

M: I am starting to get jealous.

A: Oh, Alessandro! You're so funny!

I'm sorry, Marianne, did you say something?

M: (too busy carving Marianne + Alessandro on her desk to notice)

A: Aw, that's a school girl kind of way.

M: (too busy practicing signing my new last name...I've decided it's Paoli)

A: I think we should add him to our upcoming Hot Men With Hotness street fashion blog, yes?

M: He can be the poster child as far as I am concerned.

A: I think he already is. Ooh, another text...

...and he met someone else.

M: It was too good to last.

A: Well. I think he just left me for YOU so fine, school girl. Good luck with that.

M: I will enjoy it for every second it lasts. His chest hair makes my teeth sweat.

A: I shaved my initials in it, just FYI.

M: Bitch.


M: It just grew back. He is so SWARTHY. In a good way.

A: He's about to bust out of that shirt. Look at those buttons.

M: Mmmm.

A: He already left you for someone else, didn't he.

M: Sigh.


  1. Bwahaha!! You two are flippin' hilarious! Big props for the line: "His chest hair makes my teeth sweat." Happy Easter weekend to you both. :)

  2. He's a little James Franco around the mouth, dontcha think? Still hott.

  3. Sarah, I see NOTHING wrong with that. But yes.