Friday, April 8, 2011

Your Questions, We Keep Answering Them.

**Quick note: I added some new fanciness to the shop a few days ago. Check it out! Mama needs a new bag.**

On to the entry...

Hey, remember when we had that contest and asked for your questions? And then promised to answer them all? Yeah, we're still working through that. But, here are the questions we got related to shopping. Yay!

What is your biggest splurge item? How did you decide?

A: For me, it's usually a bag or a coat. I tend to ask myself the following questions: "Does it fill a niche that isn't already filled?" and "Does it fit my lifestyle?" and sometimes, "Is it cute as all hell?"

M: Bags, for sure, which I totally blame Adrien for. My biggest single splurge has probably been my Donna Karen boots. I coveted them and then I bartended my little tail end off and saved for those and I still wear them 10 years later. Worth it.

What was your favorite splurge? What was your best bargain?

A: Favorite splurge? Recently it's my patent Coach bag. It has fit into my wardrobe seamlessly, like I've always had it. Biggest recent bargain has to be my Old Navy leather jacket.

M: I haven't been really splurge-y lately, so I can't really answer that part. But I've had some great bargains. My most recent favorite is my stripey Club Monaco t-shirt dress.

What is your biggest shopping regret of 2010?

A: For me, some of the more whimsical purchases from Anthro have been regrets for me because it took buying them to realize they aren't really my style.

M: Ditto to that. Falling prey to the Anthro sales, I ended up buy and returning, or worse, buying and reselling for less.

Did you ever get shopping info for the green leather trench/make you want to break your face shoes outfit?

A: Good lord no. That's a recipe for tears.

M: It is better for everyone if I don't know what Gio is actually wearing.

What Spring trends are two you must excited about wearing? (and)
Are there any spring trends you are going to jump on (Wide-leg pants, 70's glam, belt purses)?

A: I...don't know. I really don't know that I'm excited by anything I've seen so far. I'm slow to adapt.

M: I am sorry, but "wide-leg pants, 70's glam, belt purses" just made me snort unattractively, so I guess that's a no. I think I'm at least a year behind the trends, which luckily seems to put me a year ahead around here, so I get to pretend I'm cutting edge with my clogs and field anoraks.

Specific rules in shopping? do you go over the top or just the minimum budget?

A: For clothing I try to buy things that I know will fit with my wardrobe, that fit well and that aren't duplications. (Unless it's a cardigan or a striped shirt in which case I tend to forget the duplication rule.) I try to only go over budget if it's a once-in-a-lifetime deal.

M: I am pretty much over fast fashion unless it's something I consider disposable, like t-shirts. I'm tall and I have a small child, so things shrink or get stained. I am pretty good about wearing things for years if they are worth it, so I'm trying to get back into that mind set.

I am still searching for cute spring casual sneakers... not keds!

A: I don't really wear sneakers much, so I'm probably a bad person to ask. However, if I were to buy a pair today, it'd probably be these.

M: I also don't wear sneakers much, but I want some silvery glitter Toms.

How do you afford the awesome shoes you always wear (all the Frye shoes and Chie Miharas)?

A: First rule: Never pay full price. Second rule: Don't be scared of eBay. Both pairs of Chies I have were big purchases, but I didn't pay anywhere near full price and I've worn them a ton. Totally worth it. Fryes can be found for a lot less on eBay and

M: Everything Adrien said, and also I try to spend the same money over and over again. I stalk things until I can get them for a deal, and then eventually if I don't want them any more, I try to resell for the same amount. This clothing/bag/shoe "recycling" actually gets me pretty far.

Any chance you'd let readers submit items for the "looks better on you" section?

A: Sorry, it's hard enough to find the time to list and ship stuff for ourselves. Maybe one day?

M: I highly recommend for this, if you don't want to navigate eBay.

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  1. For cute sneakers, besides Converse Chucks of course, I'm loving Simple Sneakers (Amazon as great deals!). They have a site and are Piperlime too.