Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Marianne: Goyard Fantasy

**I just added a ton of stuff to the shop, check it out!**

I haven't posted an outfit in a while and I wish this one was worth showing you, but I'm running on very little sleep and still have 12 pounds to lose and it never stops raining here. EVER. Anyway, I'm wearing a new t-shirt here but it looks so depressing in this photo. In real life, this Current + Elliot t-shirt has a subtle gold shimmer and the perfect non-clingy drape. I basically got it for free this winter from a site that was going out of business, but you can find a similar shirt on sale here. I can't say I'd ever spent that much on a t-shirt, but I have been wearing it a ton.

I found this lightweight infinity scarf in the Target Dollar Zone for three dollars. Yes. You read that right. It was just last week so you should go get one! If you don't have any luck, this one is really similar and only $5 and hell, I might have to buy it.
So tired.
But enough of that, let's talk about the bag. Adrien linked to this bag in a recent post and I pretty much lost my mind. Why? It's an obvious knock-off of a Goyard tote. I've coveted a Goyard bag for years but at $1500+ FOR A CANVAS BAG it is never happening. Like, even if I win the lottery, NOT HAPPENING. So yeah, this Sam Edelman Octavia Tote was on sale for $40 and I snapped it up. It's sadly sold out, but this is another great coated canvas tote and I love this one too


  1. you look lovely lady! hope your little ones are treating you well. adore that bag!!

  2. Never mind the bag, HOW CUTE ARE YOU LOOKING?!
    I never looked that cute with a new baby in the house. Good on you!

  3. Days! Only days postpartum! And you look like this. Dressed! Clean! Suave! Yay!