Thursday, May 26, 2016

Adrien: Definitely a Keeper.

Hi! I am continuing my quest to dress like an adult so I pulled out an old skirt that I keep wearing because it has magical qualities:

I know, you're like, "Dude, that is just a red pencil skirt" but hang with me a minute and I'll show you. This skirt is from Ann Taylor and it's at least six years old. It's from back when they made quality things, before it got weird. (Though I have to say, I'm intrigued by this dress.) A red pencil skirt is surprisingly versatile and I wear mine year-round. This one at BCBG looks pretty good and you can't go wrong with J.Crew for something this basic. Ann Taylor, of course, still has any number of pencil skirts in solid colorsinteresting prints and ridiculous florals but where's the magic? Because:

Damn. Seaming and covered buttons and a kick pleat? That ass is 30% Crossfit and 70% skirt magic. I am telling you. Ann Taylor used to care about such things. My blouse is also Ann Taylor:

It was plucked from the depths of the sale rack a few years ago and I just keep wearing it. This is why Ann Taylor is still worth a look - they do great, simple sleeves tops with wearable patterns and interesting shapes. They get marked down to nothing and are almost always machine washable. This one actually looks like the same exact cut as mine, right down to the neck ruffle. (The color is not for me, however.) Details: 

I'm wearing my Madewell Ensign necklace (currently on sale!) and a gold bangle that used to be my mothers until I stole it. Madewell also has a few bangle bracelets on sale, just in case you were wondering. I'm such an enabler. Onto ye olde MBMJ bag: 

I love a subtle metallic, way more fun than plain old tan or brown. I'm not generally a Michael Kors fan but this bag is such a good, sheeny gold! And I know I mentioned it recently, but I am still very into this reversible rose gold Ralph Lauren tote. My bargain pick is this amazing little metallic/straw crossbody. Perfect summer casual with a bit of fancy! 

These Chies need a trip to my shoe guy but I can't stop wearing them. If this pair of Chie Mihara sandals was in my size, I'd be wearing them instead! Or maybe this gold pair? Also not in my size. Oohh, or this pair which is in my size but is not on sale. Sorry, I like to torture with Chie. Maybe I'll just buy this pair at Madewell instead. Yep. Maybe. 

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  1. That is a gorgeous skirt! I'd want to own it if I ever went anywhere that required anything close to a pencil skirt ...


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